11/20/2007 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Stacy's Sisters, Update on Drew's mother's comments”


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GVS Update:

Showing GMA clip.

DP's mother came out swinging against SP

Reporter: DP's mother was very nice and said she didn't believe what people are saying about him. She believes him and is proud of him for his military service, police service, etc. She can't watch her son on the news because it upsets her too much. She didn't say anything about Kathleen, but she said she is close with all her grandchildren. She hopes that SP comes forward. She had dinner w/SP and her two kids a week before SP disappeared and she had no idea their marriage had problems. She believes that her son did not do this.

SP's step-sisters join GVS:

Debbie last spoke with SP on October 17 or 18 to give her her new cell phone number and to plan to meet so the kids could play and to exchange kids clothes in the next couple of weeks.

Carrie last spoke to SP the Wednesday before she went missing. She changed phones to prevent DP from tracking her. They had been in marriage counseling but it wasn't going well. They made plans to meet the following Tuesday, but she went missing so she never heard from her again. DP tracking her phone calls was not unusual or surprising. I'm glad she finally had enough and stood up to him. Their marriage was abusive and controlling. There was an incident where he threw her down the stairs and a family member watched DP throw her up against the wall and had to take the kids out of the house. She also found him following her to the store, to school, everywhere. He didn't want her going anywhere without him.

Debbie showed the new "missing" flyer.

Carrie was afraid to go in and get the ashes of Tina. I wanted to see the kids and then get in and out. I didn't want to let go of the kids. There was no confrontation and he acted like SP was coming back and said "I guess when she gets back you'll have to fight her for them."

Carrie said that any male that SP spoke to was considered by DP as "another male in her life" including family members, which was ridiculous.

Checking in with legal panel

Press release: F & P Commission report says that because he resigned as a police officer he can no longer be investigated for infractions as a police officer.

BG: Many people say without a body, no case.

TW: Remember Elizabeth Smart and the Runaway Bride. The big question is whether he had something to do with her disappearance. It seems that they should embrace Baden's opinion and we need to find the killer and my client didn't do it.

MC: DP is getting awful, awful advice from this attorney. This guy might be a great trial attorney but that doesn't mean he can handle the press. He needs to sit down for a long interview so we can really get to know him.

TW: That's right. We need to really see who he is.

GVS: I would like to sit down and interview him, but the sound bites do make him look bad.

BG: I thought VanDerSloot was in it up to his neck and then I saw your interview and I thought he did very well, that's what this guy needs to do.

MC: If he is better served to do a long interview, then do that.

GVS: This lawyer is doing this guy a disservice and not giving him good advice. Imagine the pain his mother is going through.

BG: Maybe the attorney thinks they are so far behind the 8 ball they have to get their opinion out, but these sound bites is not the way to do it.

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