11/20/2007 (www.msnbc.com) MSNBC News Update

“Peterson showered Stacy with gifts to keep her in the Marriage”


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MSNBC Update:

SP's family vows to continue their search for her despite the fact that it has been put on hold till after Thanksgiving.

DP remains the only suspect in her disappearance.

Family and friends have said that DP bought and provided things for SP to keep her interested. Whenever she mentioned that she wanted out of the marriage he would give her something or do something she wanted him to do. The latest was a motorcycle DP bought that he said he hoped would "buy" him three more months with her. SP's family said this was part of their relationship and was his way of compensating for their 30 year age difference.

More officers have been assigned to this case.

DP's mother spoke out in support of DP and against SP. DP's family have all been supportive of him throughout this ordeal.

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 11-20-2007 04:59 PM