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“He Would Never Hurt Anyone” (Betty Morphey Interview)



'He would never hurt anyone'

STACY PETERSON CASE | Mom of husband believes his missing wife just ran off and is still alive

November 20, 2007


Drew Peterson's mom, Betty Morphey, had strong words Monday for Stacy Peterson, who she believes left Peterson and their two children and ran off with another man, as her son contends.

"I would tell her I'm ashamed of her for putting the family through this," Morphey said. "She knows where she is."

In a lengthy interview, Morphey, 79, spoke about how heartbreaking she finds the insinuation that her son would harm anyone. Stacy's family believes the young mother would never have left her two children and fear she is dead.

"I could swear on a Bible that he would never hurt anyone at any time," Morphey said. "I'm proud he's my son and I feel so bad he's got to go through all this because of her. She was just too young." There is a 30-year age difference between Drew and Stacy Peterson.

On Monday morning, Morphey watched her son's ex-wife Carol Brown on ''Good Morning America'' instead of Peterson and his attorney on the "Today" show.

Both interviews took place the same day the body of Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, was re- buried. Savio's body was exhumed Nov. 13 after Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow said there were "strong indications" her death was staged to look like an accident.

Had Morphey watched "Today," she would have seen her son say he was "worried" about his missing wife, Stacy, but again maintain she ran away with another man.

"Your wife leaves you . . . and you're very much worried about her," said Peterson, who has been named a suspect in his wife's disappearance.

Peterson also wanted Stacy, his fourth wife, to "publicly show herself so we can clear all this up."

Peterson's new lawyer, Joel Brodsky, added he doesn't expect his client will be charged in either the disappearance of Stacy or the 2004 death of Savio, who was found dead in her bathtub.

Peterson said he was surprised by the recent comments of his second wife, who has described Peterson as violent and threatening during their marriage. Vicki Connolly was married to Peterson for 10 years beginning in 1982. "I thought we were friends," Peterson said of Connolly.

Meanwhile, Carol Brown, Peterson's first wife, appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America." She said Peterson was attentive during their marriage and a good father to their two sons. "This is very unbelievable," she said.

"In the beginning we had a normal relationship. We did things together," said Brown. He didn't like her to go out in the evenings with girlfriends, but Brown did not indicate she thought that was unreasonable.

"I did discover that he was having an affair. I guess that was the beginning when we started being separated," said Brown.

Asked if her ex-husband was capable of murder, she replied: "The Drew that I knew, [I] would never expect that."

Morphey said Monday that Brown was a "lovely girl" who spoke the truth about her husband on morning television.

"They got married so young," Morphey said. Drew Peterson and Carol Brown married when she was still in high school and he was a recent graduate. "That's why that didn't last. I wish he would have stayed married to her forever."

Morphey said she didn't know anything about allegations of adultery that Peterson's former wives have leveled against him.

"I can't picture him doing anything to hurt anyone," she said.

Morphey said she has lost weight over the last three weeks and is sick to her stomach over the idea that her son, a former police officer and military veteran, had anything to do with his third wife's death and fourth wife's disappearance.

"All of this is not necessary," she said. "She didn't have to walk out and leave everybody stranded and not knowing what to do. All she has to do is call and say she's fine."