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Former Oakbrook Police Officer Randy Mucha Interviewed”


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Drew Peterson Says Letter Is Evidence That Stacy is Still Alive


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Chicago -- Drew Peterson says someone sent him a letter claiming to have spotted his missing wife Stacy. And a former Oakbrook police officer explains why he thinks he's next on the list to be questioned about Stacy’s disappearance. Randy Mucha told his story exclusively to Tera Williams.

VIDEO: Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com.

RANDY MUCHA: "To throw my name out there is just way to get their jolles on Thanksgiving and have the media to come to my home and looking into my background."

TERA WILLIAMS: Former oakbrook police officer Randy Mucha expects to be questioned by state police any day now about the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

MUCHA:: "Were on that short list of people that some other poeple in Oakbrook would like to see get screwed with."

WILLIAMS: Mucha said he met Drew Peterson's son Steve when Steve was sworn in at the Oakwood Police Department. Mucha, who had been with the department since 1987 and was fired in August of last year for unprofessional conduct but Mucha and Peterson remained friends.

MUCHA: "Long story short is I was fired for what the chief claims was a lie in a civil deposition and I have a lawsuit pending against the chief in federal court."

WILLIAMS: That lawsuit and the fact that he's buddies with Steve Peterson is why Mucha believes his name has been leaked on somebody police could be looking at in Stacy Peterson's disappearance. Mucha says he's going on the record now to say he knows nothing.

 MUCHA: "They can have my cell phone records and dig up my yard or anything else they want to do."

WILLIAMS: He said he only met Stacy Peterson once in passing and he's only met Drew Peterson twice.