11/27/2007 (www.msnbc.com) Dan Abrams Live

“Anonymous Peoria Letter and Blue Barrel” (Steve Carcerano)


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECAP transcript done by an Internet poster known as “Snicker.” (Note: Double spacing added by www.acandyrose.com)

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Letter claims Stacy Peterson sighting VIDEO (10:36 minutes)

Nov. 27: An anonymous letter-writer claims to have spotted Stacy Peterson in Illinois. Dan Abrams offers an exclusive look at the letter and speaks with Drew Peterson’s neighbor, psychologist Dorree Lynn, attorney Monica Lindstrom and ex-detective Michael Gaynor.


Go to this site and look for the link to the video titled above.

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Drew Peterson's Victim Wives??(Stacy Peterson,msg.2007/Kathleen Savio,exp.2004} > Tuesday, November 27 Evening Discussion

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MSNBC--Live with Dan Abrams Update:

DA: We have the letter that DP claims he received anonymously that says his wife Stacy was seen at a grocery store in Peoria. I'll show you the letter and I'll tell you why I don't think it helps DP one bit. The writer claims to have seen SP arrive at Kroger's. LE have visited the store and taken the video tapes. She supposedly standing in the dairy aisle dressed all in black. But it's apparent that this writer has an axe to grind with Dr. Baden. The writer is clearly rooting for DP. I don't think this letter has an credibility at all.

DA: Are you guys really holding out any hope from this letter?

Carcerano: It is what it is. Told the story of DP reading it to him. SP's family have also received similar letters. You know how it is in these high profile cases.

TH: You have to be very suspicious when investigating these things, especially given all the circumstances.

TH: This will probably turn out to be nothing and it may turn out to be connect to DP.

DA: What about the barrel?

Carcerano: DP doesn't know what everyone's talking about with this blue barrel. As early as two hours about DP knew nothing about it.

DA: Why do people want a piece of the action in high profile cases?

Psychologist: We're living in a world that's so media savvy. People just want to be a part of things.

DA: Given all the circumstances, your pal seems like not a very nice guy.

Carcerano: In all the years I've known DP and lived next door to him and Kathleen, we only knew about two episodes of conflict.

Psy: We don't necessarily know what goes on inside the house. It's probable that DP was some kind of savior or protector of SP. SP wrote and spoke of being unhappy.

DA: This woman said in the letter, "please take care of yourself and your children, your daughter is very cute, . . ."

TH: People see what they want to see. She's using this to get closer to DP and make a connection. What validity is there to this letter?

DA: "There was a guy pacing real bad in front of the store and I could tell he wanted to talk with me"

Psy: This is a real hard letter to take seriously and we shall see what we shall see.

DA: Told SC that he shouldn't take this personally, but he just doesn't buy the letter. Commended him for sticking up for his friend.

SC: No, it's OK. Thanks.

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