11/27/2007 (wgntv.trb.com) Julie Unrah Reporting:

Drew Peterson’s reaction to Thomas Murphey and Blue Container



11/27/2007 Julie Unruh (wgntv.trb.com) reporting (VIDEO): "Chicago Tribune is reporting tonight that a male relative said he helped Drew Peterson carry a large rectangular plastic container out of the Peterson bedroom on Oct 28th, this one day before Stacy Peterson was reported missing by relatives. The man who believes he assisted Peterson told a friend on Oct 28, quote, 'I think I just helped Drew dispose of his wife Stacy. Two days later that same man the Tribune reports was hospitalized in an apparent suicide attempt. Tonight, minutes after WGN brought you this story at the top of the hour, Drew Peterson reacts."

Peterson: "I have no idea what anybodys talking about like that"

Julie Unruh: "Warm to the touch?"

Peterson: "Nope"

Julie Unruh: "He says he believes he helped dispose of your wife's body"

Peterson: "Nope"

Julie Unruh: "Can you at least respond to that?"

Peterson: "Nope"

Julie Unruh: "Not at all?

Peterson: "Nope, no response talk to my lawyer, I got nothing to say about it"

Peterson: "Nobody helped me with anything such a thing"

Julie Unruh: "Oct 28, where were you on Oct 28th, this gentleman says he helped you carry a container out of your home?"

Peterson: "You'll have to talk to my attorney"