11/28/2007 (www.msnbc.com) Dan Abrams Live

“Discussion: Morphey, Rossetto, Drew Called off work”

(Guests; Joel Brodsky, Pam Bosco)”


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECAP transcript done by an Internet poster known as “Snicker.” (Note: Double spacing added by www.acandyrose.com)

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Live with Dan Abrams Update on MSNBC:

DA interviewing DP's attorney Joel Brodsky

DA: DP's stepbrother reportedly is saying he helped DP move a warm container that may have held SP's body on the day she went missing. A day later he attempted suicide. JB is with us to try and defend his client. We may finally be seeing evidence piling up against DP. Before this all we heard was DP making disparaging remarks about his wife and joking with the media. On the reports about moving a container with TM, DP has nothing to say.

DA: At 2pm your client called and asked for the day off?

JB: DP had accrued vacation and personal days off and if he didn't use them, he'd use them, so he decided to use one. You can try and make something nefarious about that, but he took a lot of days off during that time.

DA: Running throught the timeline TM shared. You would agree that this is not good for your client.

JB: You would be talking about TM. He has not been brought before the GJ because of his memory lapses, alcoholism, DUI, etc.

DA: Isn't it funny that everyone in the case except your client has credibility issues. The evidence has been piling up. Your client is even accused of setting up Scott Rosetto--now you guys going after Rosetto.

JB: Rosetto was caught in a lie. If you were going to go commit a serious crime, would you have solicited the help of such a character as TM?

DA: In every crime a defense attorney says, "my client would never be so stupid as to . . ." And in every case they were indeed that stupid.

Pam Bosco: I don't expect DP and JB to take any other stance, what else would they say?

DA: What do you make of the fact that DP claims SP called him and told him that she was leaving him.

PB: That statement has been revised over time by DP--first it was "she left with someone" then it was "she found someone."

Pam Bondi: I disagree with JB because DP's gonna get someone who is weak and incredible. The cell phone set was apparently to make it seem like SP was still alive when we know that she was already likely dead. The evidence is mounting.

DA: This guy is in big trouble and the evidence is mounting against him.

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