11/29/2007 (www.msnbc.com) Dan Abrams Live

“Clergy News, Stacy Told Pastor Drew Killed Kathleen”


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Live with Dan Abrams on MSNBC Update:

DA: SP reportedly told a clergyman that DP killed his third wife KS. I'm beginning to think that DP could be charged with KS's murder before SP's body is even found. The former cop is facing more potentially damaging evidence. SP supposedly told DP she wanted a divorce and she wanted him out. Now SP's sister CC verifies that she knew there was a blue barrel and challenges DP to take a lie detector test.

Judge: I think he could get arrested for KS's death soon. Clearly this is not an accidental drowning. Under IL law the clergyman cannot be forced to testify, but if there are other witnesses, they can testify.

TH: At least we have a body with KS. He will be charged with it.

DA: LE is taking their time to get the charges right.

TH: They are taking their time to get this case together, mostly circumstantial evidence.

DA: If the sister is saying there was a barrel and he says there wasn't, where are we?

Judge: It's not enough that the sister says it was there. You need more to connect this to SP's body being removed.

Showing DP's defenses for all the things he's being accused of.

SP--he spoiled her, she was emotionally unstable

KS--she came from an emotionally abusive family

VC--apparently there is animosity there

KP--that was 25 years ago

SR--he lied about the nature of the relationship

TH: OK, who's going to believe that a PO is dumb enough to kill his wife and then call someone to help him move the body?

TH: Sometimes it's not being dumb, it's arrogance. They can argue later, I would obviously not be that dumb, when clearly they can be that arrogant.

Judge: 18 calls to the police--he was never charged, but she was charge twice. If SP had never gone missing we would still believe that KS's death was an accident.

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