11/29/2007 (MyFoxChicago.com) Anita Padilla Reporting (VIDEO):

“Morphey Told Me...'I Don't Know What to Do, You Can't Tell Anyone”



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Morphey Told Me...'I Don't Know What to Do, You Can't Tell Anyone'

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Bolingbrook, IL. -- A friend of Drew Peterson's step-brother is revealing new details about the day Stacy Peterson disappeared. Anita Padilla has the Fox News Chicago exclusive.


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WALTER: He put his hands on my shoulders and said you can't tell anyone

PADILLA: In this exclusive interivew, Walter Martineck Jr. hasn't told anyone other than state police investigators what his good friend Thomas Morphey told him on the evening of October 28th, the very day Stacy Peterson disappeared. Morphey, he says was visably shaken.

WALTER: He told me that he thinks he may have helped Drew dispose of the body. I said what are you talking about ?

PADILLA: Forty year old Thomas Morphey was in a rough spot. He recently lost his job at this Route 53 Truck Stop. He was also having financial trouble and family problems but his step brother Drew Peterson had promised to help him find employment. So when Drew Peterson called him over here to help him move a very large container, he didn't think that was a really big deal until later.

WALTER: Drew had taken him back to his house and said, 'Hey can you help me move something?' And Tom, you know, unwittingly, 'yeah okay I'll help ya' and he had gone upstairs to the master bedroom and brought a tote down, a blue tote, a seal blue tote and then he got really shooken up and he goes, 'I know she was in there.' And I go, 'What do you mean you know she was in there?' and he goes 'it was warm to the touch'

PADILLA: No one knows where Stacy Peterson is. Four four weeks now the investigators have ben looking fo her and missing person case is quickly turning into a homicide investiagtion. Did he say he was afraid?

WALTER: He was afraid of Drew, yes.

PADILLA: What did he say to you?

WALTER: He said if he could do it to his alleged wife at the time, whatever, he could do it to his brother.

PADILLA: He went to police when he learned his good friend Thomas Morphey, Drew Peterson's step-brother had tried to kill himself and he hates that Drew Peterson's attorney is assassinating Morphey's character.

WALTER: I wish Drew and I wish my neighborhood would take a step forward to rectify Tom's name.