11/29/2007 (video.nbc5.com) (VIDEO):

“Dick Johnson has a live interview with Joel Brodsky”


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 Peterson's Attorney Talks With NBC5 VIDEO

November 29, 2007


Dick Johnson has a live interview with Joel Brodsky, the attorney representing Drew Peterson.


JB: "This one is strange in that we have an unnamed, unauthorized source breaking this supposedly devastating news to a gossip columnist about an unnamed clergyman being told about a murder by a person who is missing. It's just very strange. It doesn't seem to make logical sense that it would occur this way.

DJ: Where there's smoke there's fire and there's a lot of smoke in this case, sir.

JB: Smoke is not evidence . . . The only piece of evidence that have been identified so far has been this Thomas Morphey who has some very serious psychiatric and alcoholic problems.

DJ: . . . I don't believe he's been accused of being delusional and making up stories such as this.

JB: I don't know, we don't know why he's been hospitalized. He may be schizophrenic, I'm just speculating here as I've asked other people not to, I suppose one of the reasons he's been hospitalized is because of schizophrenia, which means you live in a little bit of a fantasy world, I don't know.

DJ: You client is reacting to leak by videotaping the media.

JB: I have to take a little bit of credit for that, it was my idea.

You gotta watch this! Unflippin' believable!

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