11/30/2007 (cbs2chicago.com) Mike Puccinelli Reporting (VIDEO):

“Thomas Morphey’s sister speaks out in telephone interview”




November 30, 2007

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MIKE PUCCINELLI (CBS2): "I asked the sister tonight where the brother [Tom Morphey] is at this hour. She said he's safe and getting the help he needs at this time.

PUCCINELLI (CBS2): Stacy's father sent a tow truck to Stacy's house to recover his Harley Davidson, a large tool box, a desk and a family bible he gave to Stacy Peterson.

PUCCINELLI (CBS2): That man's sister is talking today for the first time since she said her brother helped drew load a large container into Drew's now confiscated Yukon Denali. She said her brother would never have knowingly helped Drew dispose of Stacy and afterwards he feared the worse.

MORPHEY'S SISTER: "He was sick, just sick with the possibility of the possibility of what he could have just done."

PUCCINELLI (CBS2): So sick that after returning home he attempted to take his life the next night by overdozing on pills.

PUCCINELLI (CBS2): He was clean and sober for ten years until shortly after he helped drew do whatever they did?


PUCCINELLI (CBS2): That's what made him fall off the wagon?


PUCCINELLI (CBS2): The relative's sister is speaking out because she believes Drew's lawyer is trying to destroy her brothers reputation by characterizing him as a drug addict, unstable liar.

MORPHEY'S SISTER: I feel Mr. Brodsky is making claims that are unsubstantiated, he has no proof and fact that my brother has attempted suicide any othr time other than what was involvd with his client.

PUCCINELLI (CBS2): Now she said her brother thought the world of Stacy Peterson and would never knowingly do anything to harm her. She also says her brother was an unwitting pawn that was used by Drew Peterson. Now she says her brother is being abused by Drew Peterson's lawyer who she believes is engaged in an organzied campaign of character assassination.