12/03/2007 (www.msnbc.com) Dan Abrams Live

“Trucker Story, Brodsky says LE deemed Peoria Letter deemed crazy”


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Live with Dan Abrams Update:

DP's attorney speaks with DA

DA: (Summary of the truckers' story and the allegations by BPD against DP for using PD computers to run background checks on SP friends and associates.) Now the clergyman zRob Daniels goes on the record. First it was the friends, family, neighbors, etc. that were lying according to DP, now it's a man of the cloth. DP's attorney will "try" to defend his client.

DP: “This is the holiday season. I know of at least five families that are losing their homes. Maybe you guys should put a little more effort into helping them instead of harassing my family."

DA: Anyone who says anything against your client has been declared a liar. Are you going after the man of the cloth.

JB: It must not have been a very emphatic, she must not have sounded very disturbed, or they would have reported it as they are mandated to do if they think it is serious.

DA: This truckers' story is another piece of the puzzle.

JB: I find it interesting that the letter we turned over on Thanksgiving it was deemed crazy, but now all of a sudden the truckers' story is credible and plausible. It seems there is a slant against DP.

DA: But you also have the corroboration of TM's story that DP had a relative help him load the container.

JB: Except the physical description of TM does not fit the description of the other person that was with DP.

DA: Are you willing to let your client take a lie detector test.

JB: No, I've done some research on this and it's as reliable as tossing a coin. You have a 50-50 chance of getting the truth.

TH: He has to go after everyone that says anything who says anything against his client. But now he's tainting the jury pool.

DA: You've attacked every single person who has ever said anything negative about your client.

JB: I'm not saying that the clergyman is not credible, only that he didn't do anything about it if it is true. DP didn't do anything that anyone else would do with the computers at the PD. If that's what everyone is doing, how can you charge him for it?

TH: This shows a pattern of behavior of DP being controlling and manipulative, stalking his wife and attempting to control everything she did. It goes to the whole picture LE are looking at related to DP.

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