12/05/2007 (www.msnbc.com) Dan Abrams Live

“Peterson’s Message to the ladies, “I’m Available”


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Live with Dan Abrams Update:

DA: DP, the who man suspected in the disappearance of his 4th wife and could face arrest soon in the death of his 3rd wife, is concerned about whether or not he'll get another date! He's wondering if he'll get any more action! DP has a message for the ladies tonight: "I'm available!" DP said "The rumor about me doing a spread for Playgirl is false."

Pat Brown: This is a very psychopathic trait for him to ignore the obvious and concentate on what he wants and what he wants is a little somethin', somethin. There will always be women who will hook up with a celebrity even if the celebrity is suspected of murder. These men have all the right talk-- they know how to get across to women.

DA: They seem to have a pretty focused search right now.

Ann Bremner: It does seem they are building a case. There's a saying "I think, therefore I am. With DP, it's "I'm on tv, therefore I am." (Showing DP saying he's a jokester.)

PB: As a psychopath, it's always all about him.

[DA reporting that the mall shooting suspect Robert Hawkins was fired today from his job at McDonald's for stealing $17.00 and expressed his frustration by going on a shooting rampage at the mall.]

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