12/06/2007 (www.msnbc.com) Dan Abrams Live

“Drew Peterson Complains that Retiement SUCKS”


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Live with Dan Abrams Update:

While authorities are looking for his missing wife, DP is complaining that his retirement "sucks." The only things he's not talking about is his latest search warrant.

New details about what LE are looking for with the warrant they served DP Tuesday: blue plastic shavings, blood, hair fingernails, chemicals that would help deteriorate a body, etc.

TH: Looking to figure out if something was transported in that vehicle. If something of significance is found, it may make or break the case.

DA: He's crazy to be talking about his retirement sucking. He can't get a date.

TH: It's all about him. There is unaccounted for time and LE needs to discredit what time he has accounted for.

DA: JB says he's not worried. At this time, his client has been named a suspect, four search warrants, etc. Anything else JB can do?

TH: He can tell his client to shut up because so far he can't seem to do that. So far they only have circumstantial evidence, but not enough for probable cause for an arrest warrant.

DA: They've been diving in the canal.

TH: They are clearing the way for an underwater camera to look around and see what down there.

TH: Proving a case without a body is very difficult.

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