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“Why Won’t Joel Brodsky Go Back “On The Record?”


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December 6th, 2007 12:07 PM Eastern

Why Do You Think Peterson’s Lawyer Won’t Come Back to ON THE RECORD?

by Greta Van Susteren

Joel Brodsky, Sgt. Peterson’s lawyer, has been on our show a few times. On at least TWO OCCASIONS I asked him at the end of the interview if he thought I had treated him fairly. He said specifically and without hesitation yes. On every occasion, I have been polite to him and allowed him to answer the questions fully. On his last appearance, I asked him for a timeline of his client’s activities from 10am Sunday Oct. 28th to about the same time on Oct. 29. He said he needed “permission” from the Illiniois State Police. Permission????? Permission from the State Police??? I don’t buy that… but….oh well…

And since that last appearance? Brodsky won’t return calls, text messages etc…and fired off a hostile letter to the show about our legal panel discussion. I really can’t believe the legal panel scared him off — defense lawyers, and Joel is one, are supposed to be tough, unafraid….willing to fight for their clients…. A few verbal whacks from our legal panel hardly seems enough to scare away a lawyer!

Brodsky’s failure to return our calls etc is a bit perplexing….so now I put the question to you WHY DO YOU THINK JOEL BRODSKY WON’T RETURN TO OUR SHOW?????? (Post your answer.) DID I OFFEND HIM? WAS I UNFAIR TO HIM?

(One last thing…I never intended to offend him….nor be unfair…and if he comes back, I will give him plenty of time to answer the questions. He obviously is willing to speak to the media …he pops up other places…..just not with me anymore. I do know how he got this job representing Peterson…a network “referral” …and thus his loyalty to another network…but that’s ok with me….he can be loyal to the other network AND appear on our show.)