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Illinois State Police have debunked a claims from one of the two truck drivers who said a man resembling Drew Peterson asked him to transport a package the morning Stacy Peterson was reported missing.

Trooper Mark Dorencz said information from one of the truck drivers "was deemed unfounded" but authorities will continue to investigate similar information from a second truck driver.

"Did he lie? I don't know," Dorencz said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "Is it possible that he was thinking of a different situation? I don't know. Truckers are often approached by people asking them to do things."

Stacy Peterson disappeared Oct. 28, leaving behind four children and many grieving family members. Despite her husband Drew's assertion that Stacy ran off with another man, everyone close to Stacy says she would never leave her children, and Illinois police have declared her husband a suspect in what appears to be a homicide investigation.

Peterson has not participated in any searches for Stacey. In a telephone interview Thursday, Peterson talked about how his life has changed with infamy. "It's like they had this vigil for Stacy, and the next thing you know there's a pinata with my face on it," he said. "All these policemen who were my friends, and I would have jumped in front of a bullet for, don't even talk to me."

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