12/10/2007 (www.foxnews.com) Geraldo “At Large”

“Stacy Peterson Voice Mail Message to her father released ”


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Geraldo At Large Update:

SP called her dad and left her new phone number on voicemail - does that sound like someone who was contemplating running away? Jeanine Pirro in BB.

JB said he offered his services to DP for the free publicity. Reporter spoke with DP last night about JB. DP thinks it's crazy that JB is working for him and now they are investigating him. JB told the reporter that after he saw DP's first appearance on the Today Show, he thought he was an idiot. JB thought to himself that it would be a very interesting case and he thought he could represent him. DP was asked about the holiday without Stacy. The kids are "fabulous." The youngest child asks for her mother. DP has a hearing on Dec. 12 to determine if he gets his stuff back. They put their Christmas tree up. When asked how the holiday will be without Stacy, DP said he was getting emotional and had to go. Reporter didn't ask whether or not DP had heard the voicemail SP left on her father's phone about her new phone number, indicating she was not planning on going anywhere. Reporter said she would be asking that the next chance she gets.

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 12-10-2007 01:37 AM