12/11/2007 (www.msnbc.com) Dan Abrams Live

“Joel Brodsky accuses Stacy and her Pastor of having Affair”


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Dan Abrams Update:


DA: DP needs your help. He is calling on his fellow Americans to give donations on a new website he put up today. It has since crashed, been taken down, who knows? The money will go to his legal defense, a PI, and then his kids. Well, DP may really need some help because his pastor is coming out to say that DP confessed to SP that he killed KS. (showing clip of pastor)

DA: You going to go after the man of the cloth now?

JB: This guy is a certified counsellor and a mandatory reporter. After SP tells him about this the pastor says "that's nice, go home and pray." This is what he's report for weeks now in several different media. It doesn't even make sense.

DA: Maybe it makes sense because clergy hear a lot of things and they need to consider the circumstances and what effect reporting might have. He may have wanted to help her resolve her issues first.

JB: He wanted to help her? When someone confesses to murder? He has an obligation to report. If I were SP's family I would be looking for an attorney to sue this pastor.

SF: This guy is a police sargeant, so who are they going to report it to? The police department where he works?

DA: This may be double hearsay. Any way to get it in?

JS: It is hearsay. There are two levels of hearsay, it's not getting in.

DA: If they can show that SP was gotten rid of to keep her from telling anyone else about DP's confession, it could come in.

JB: (stuttering), no, no. There are other issues too.

DA: I guess the money goes first to you, then to the PI, and then to the kids, so you get the bulk of the money.

JB: I consider the attorneys fees and the PI fees as co-equal. It's customary for attorneys and PIs to work together.

DA: DP's got no leads? Such that he might be able to find the woman he claims is alive. He's got to have some idea who his wife ran off with.

JB: We get sightings everyday.

DA: Not whacko sightings. I'm talking about real tangible leads.

JB: Well, we have the two Rosetto brothers, the nurses. And we've also heard that there have been rumors about this pastor and SP.

DA: What?! You're going to sit there and tell me that SP was having an affair with this pastor?

JB: That's not something I just made up. I've gotten several calls about the possibility that they had . . .

DA: We're not even going to continue taking about that. You just came on national tv and hinted that SP was having an affair with this pastor. We'll talk about that again when you have some proof of that allegation. That's just nonsense.

JB: I also just wanted to say again that the attorney fees and PI are co-equal.

DA: Thanks, we'll have you back again soon.


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