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“Drew Peterson Telephones Dan Abrams Live”


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Live with Dan Abrams on MSNBC Update:


DA said DP told him that he has not been trashing his third and fourth wife with the comments he made about them on The Today Show. He claims he is still very much in love with Stacy.

DA talked with DP for 20 minutes tonight - he talked about everything except what happened to his

I'm not looking for SP because I would have to bundle the children up and travel the country to find her. I found out you don't need a passport to get out of the courtry, but you do to get back in, so she could be anywhere. I have one attorney telling me that she could surface or she could go deeper. I took good care of her and spoiled her and no one can say I didn't. I know SP was very infatuated with the guy (the pastor). If it was mutual, I can't comment. I just thought it was strange that she would go to see him and she would be all dolled up in something voluptuous and she would go see a minister dressed like that with her makeup perfect.

PB: This guy is a psychopath.

DA: When he said she had to hate him or fear him so much that she would continue to stay away with some guy while he's accused of her disappearance, that's amazing


TH: Even Rosetto said she was sick of staying in the house. She probably wanted out and will stay in hiding until he gets charged. I don't think it's that improbable.

DA: It's not just this case. His third wife is dead also.

TH: He has a rock solid alibi for that!

DA: He has a contentious relationship with wife 3 and she's dead and then the same happens with wife 4 - he's gotta be the unluckiest guy in the world next to OJ!

DP: My heart went out to these women because of their crappy childhoods and I treated them better in the first few months than they had ever been treated in their lives.

DA: You only treated them good the first couple of months?

DP: No, no, I treated them good all the time. I gave Stacy anything she wanted, the boob jobs, jewelry, tummy tuck, etc. and she was pampered by me. Those people never said anything about me except that I was 30 years older.

DA: He doesn't get it. There's just something insulting about talking about your wife's boob job like this!

TH: Nothing wrong with talking about women that were ungrateful. Now one is dead and one is missing. He does seem insensitive, but that doesn't make him a criminal.

DP: This is how I deal with stress, I joke about it.

DA: Why are you so angry with your exes?

DP: I'm very angry that the relationships did not work out. I wanted it very much and I am very much in love with Stacy.

DP: I think they'd indict a bad suit. All these people coming out--it's hilarious!

TH: Look at what he's faced with. How can he be positive with all this going on?

DA: He's brought a lot of this on himself. He can be very charming but there's just some things that he does not get.

PB: You got it right. He's so charming he thinks he can charm anyone into thinking what he wants them to think.

DA: Invitation to DP to come on the program or come back on the phone.


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