12/12/2007 (cbs2chicago.com) Mike Puccinelli Reporting (VIDEO):

“Stacy Peterson's sister Cassandra talks about gunfire”


12/12/2007 Mike Puccinelli (cbs2chicago.com) Reporting (VIDEO):

"Stacy Peterson's sister talks about gunfire"

MIKE PUCCINELLI: "Tonight Stacy's Sister, Cassandra Cales is speaking out about it. Drew Peterson is also weighing on that story on the same day his lawyer went before a judge in Will County to argue that police should be foreced to return some of Peterson's property. Among the items they want back, two cars and eleven guns, one of which may have been fired inside the Peterson home."

PUCCINELLI: Cassandra Cales is talking about the time she says her sister Stacy Peterson told her she was almost shot in her home. Cales said it happened just a few months before her sister disappeared."

CASSANDRA: "She told me that Drew's gun had went off while she was in the garage getting a soda when he had come home from work. And she peeled the carpet opened and showed me a bullet hole through the floor." Cales said her sister had gone to the garage at the request of her husband."

CASSANDRA: "She heard a bang or pow or didn't know what happened and when she went back upstairs Drew said his gun had went off."

PUCCINELLI: "Drew Peterson says quote, "It was an accidental discharge of Stacy's firearm. I'm not even going to tell you who did it. It was a stupid mishap in the home. No one was close to being hurt." -

PUCCINELLI: "But Cales said that's not what her sister determined after she examined the bullet hole in the garage floor."

PUCCINELLI: "And how close was she to getting hit?"

CASSANDRA: "It was probably about a foot behind where she was standing."

PUCCINELLI: "Cales said she's talking about the incident because she's hoping it will effect the investigation on whether the retired Sgt. gets to keep his $6,000 a month pension. Peterson's former neighbor, Steve Carcerano said Drew Peterson told him it was actually Stacy Peterson who fired the weapon. Illinois State Police are investigating. Bolingbrook Police say departmental rules require that officers report any discharge of a weapon whether or not they are on duty at the time. No report was filed in this case."