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“Brodsky Mad Because Greta Aired Joel’s Pastor Affair Comments”



December 12th, 2007 12:41 PM Eastern

Wait Until You Read This…

by Greta Van Susteren

Can you help me understand this???

1/ Sgt. Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky told us yesterday he was too busy to do our show last night. OK. Fine.

2/ Last night Sgt. Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky went on another network and made an outrageous suggestion about Stacy Peterson’s Pastor — that (in essence) the Pastor was having a relationship/affair with Stacy. Both Stacy and the Pastor are married. [Even the anchor of that show, Dan Abrams, was appalled at the statement.]

2/ Because we wanted to get it absolutely right, and because we did not want to mischaracterize what Brodsky said…and because we shared the sentiments of Abrams, we replayed the very words of Brodsky. We hustled to get the tape, and turn it around within 30 minutes. It seemed fair that we get his words right — and what better way to get it right then to show the tape?

3/ Upon showing the tape, our legal team was likewise appalled — assaulting the character of the Pastor ….and for what end??? So…the legal team “gave it to him.” I invited - on air - Brodsky to return tonight to “explain” his accusation against the Pastor. (That seemed fair to me.)

4/ While I was on the air, a call was made to my voice mail. Joel Brodsky wanted to be put on the air to confront the legal panel by phone into our show. I did not learn of this call until after I got off the air — I obviously don’t answer my cell phone while on the air.

5/ Meanwhile Brodsky did get a hold of one of my producers and he was invited ..and he agreed…to come on our show tonight and address / face off / confront the legal panel. I said fine to my producer when he notified me.

6/ I blogged about this earlier today.

7/ We have just been told by Brodsky’s wife (also his assistant) that he will not (and never) appear on our show because of our “unprofessionalism.”

My view? - Joel Brodsky started this so called “unprofessionalism” by his character assassination of a probably dead woman (who can’t defend her good name) and a pastor on television….why did he do that??? what was his purpose in doing that? it was not to help find Stacy who his client says ran off with another man…and meanwhile, I still can’t get a time line out of him as to where his client was for the 24 hour period beginning about 10am on Sunday, Oct. 28. I am all in favor of tough “cross examination” of credibility — but not sliming people without a good faith basis. If he has a good faith basis, he should have the courage to come on our show as he promised…..if he does not come on?? well that does send a message, does it not?

I do believe in the presumption of innocence…..and I would love to have Stacy show up alive….but Peterson’s lawyer is not helping matters by his remarks without backing them up with a good faith basis….the invitation to him remains open….I would love to have him return tonight and he knows that I will be polite to him. I will ask him blunt questions, but I will be polite and he will be given time to respond. He knows that.