12/14/2007 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Steve Peterson Testified at the Grand Jury Again”


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECAP transcript done by an Internet poster known as “Snicker.” (Note: Double spacing added by www.acandyrose.com)

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GVS Update:

Steve Peterson testified at the GJ again. He is 28 and a police officer. This is the second time he has testified.

MF: I think this is the kind of case where you have several people who have many slips of the tongue and you have to put all the little pieces of the puzzle together. What Steve knows might be pertinent for both KS’s and SP’s cases.

GVS: If I represented DP, I would not feel confident that he would not get charged and that a jury would not convict him.

TW: If I made all the statements that JB made, I would disbar myself. If I were his attorney I would tell DP to shut up and I would not be running my mouth either.

TW: JB hurt his client through the jury pool out there.

GVS: You have motive, no alibi, and opportunity.

BG: There is no eyewitness. The problem here is that DP is easy to dislike. He’s narcissistic, he’s easy to dislike. He’s not even looking for his wife!

JH: If there is one reasonable explanation and nothing else, they will convict. If they can put up a good motive and tie it in wit good evidence, he goes down.

GVS: That’s a California instruction, not Illinois.

MF: The prosecutor will put up the pattern of DP’s calls to SP leading up to October 28 and change in pattern on October and that will be powerful evidence against him.

GVS: The phone call records that night will either totally help or totally hurt the case.


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