12/17/2007 (www.myfoxchicago.com) Michelle Gielan Reporting”

“Drew Peterson is Now Accused of Police Brutality


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12/17/2007 Michelle Gielan (www.myfoxchicago.com) reporting (VIDEO):

"Drew Peterson is Now Accused of Police Brutality"

Michelle Gielan: "Brownlee said he was barbecuing in his back yard when his neighbor started harassing him and called Bolingbrook police. Brownlee said officers arrested him, took him in and performed a strip search and called him the "N" word, then Sgt. Peterson attacked him.

Brownlee: "He grabbed my thumb and gave it a good twist and I heard it and felt it pop."

Brownlee, in a cast missed work in a barber shop for months. He's suing Peterson, the two officers and the Bolingbrook Police Department.

Jon Loevy (Brownlee's Attorney): "He's just a regular guy with a job and he was injured by officers in the police department."

Peterson's attorney, Joel Brodsky said this is an example of "people are coming out of the woodwork with unfounded allegations against his client and he's confident that the State's Attorney will handle the case appropriately." For Brownlee, even though the cast is gone, he says the fear is still there.

Brownlee: "I'm afraid of him." The charges against Brownlee as a result of his arrest that day were dropped by the judge.