12/21/2007 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“BB Police Chief McGury on Peterson kids interview, + 70 Agents!”


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECAP transcript done by an Internet poster known as “Snicker.” (Note: Double spacing added by www.acandyrose.com)

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GVS "On the Record" Show Update:

OMG! Sorry, I missed the first couple minutes! Was tucking my son!

GVS: DP was not working that day and the incident was videotaped and he's not on tape. Is the media still in front of his house?

Chief McGury: No, nowhere near what it used to be. They come back occasionally. For the most part, the media has been very mindful of the neighbors.

GVS: Does your department have any role in the investigation of the disappearance of SP?

CM: No, not at all, by design. We wanted to help seek the truth. The resources that have gone into this boggles the mind. ISP has put more than 70 agents on this case. They have a briefing every morning at 9:00 and the volume of information gathered is just amazing.

GVS: The teenage boys - are they going to be subpoenaed?

CM: The boys initially did a pretty extensive interview with highly skilled child advocate very early on in the case. LE is following every lead. As a prosecutor, you have to put everything down on paper. I think what they're waiting to do is to get everything together and I think they will have those kids before the GJ.

GVS: If SP left, why hire a PI?

Panel: Michael Cardoza, Michael Baden, Bernie Grimm, Ted Williams

BG: We hired PIs to catch up with investigators. On John Gibson, JB told Fox what PIs were investigating. Not good. They may be investigating where LE is at so they can tell their client.

TW: We know that with electronic banking, when you're away from home, you can detect any activity. What's going on is public gimmacry. If they have leads, why doesn't the police have that information?

JH: It sounds an awful lot like OJ.

MC: Notice that they are not saying they will turn over everything they find to ISP. Who knows what they are really looking for or if they are really looking. Don't know if the equity line of credit was already set up or was it done after SP went missing? Heck, he ought to dangle the money out there to see if SP actually does grab it!

MB: The information from the second autopsy has already been presented to the prosecutor and they will be presenting it to the GJ at some point and they will decide if it is enough for an indictment. After that the prosecutor or SA may decide to release the autopsy results. As far as SP goes, if her body is in water, even with weights, they usually come up in the spring due to gases and deterioration.

TW: My only concern is before the GJ, but it seems to me that they can go on and release the autopsy results. You did a fine job and I'm sure the coroner will come up with the same results.

MB: The coroner has to go through the legal channels, but I could release my results because I worked for the family. I think the official results will be release once the GJ is over, whish should be soon.


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