12/21/2007 GretaWire Evesdropping with Ric Mims

“WHERE HAS HE BEEN?", by Greta Van Susteren


December 21st, 2007 6:13 PM Eastern, GretaCast - "Eavesdrop on Ric Mims… WHERE HAS HE BEEN?", by Greta Van Susteren


Comment by R Mucha

December 21st, 2007 at 6:50 pm

Evenin’ ya’all. In summary, Ric says he has been layin low, spending time with his family, and staying out of Bolingbrook. He says he has had no contact with Drew since last time he went on Greta two weeks ago, but that he also changed his phone number. Says he won’t discuss what the Enquirer gave him but it sure sounded like the 21 was either a strong clue or a huge coincidence. Says he testified about 2 hours before the Grand Jury and describes it as a social setting, and comfortable. Said there were 2 states attorneys, a couple detectives, and about 18-20 jurors. He says that they were very thorough, and has to go back again at the end of January. He said the GJ has been more interested in the week Ric spent at Drews house and the demeanor of the children. He describes the kids as wholesome and well-mannered and Greta agreed. Ric states he had to buy one blue container and Drew had to buy two of them and that they contained convertors from the cable company they both worked for. Ric says he could fit Greta, who is 5'3? into one of the containers. Ric isn’t clear as to whether or not the containers were there and then gone on the days before and after Stacy went missing. Ric says he never heard anything about Morpheys suicide attempt, or Morphey being visited by Drew in the hospital. Ric says the story gets wierder and wierder the more he gets way from it and thinks about it. He said the jurors are really really concerned and very devoted to getting to the bottom of the Stacy case, but that he hasnt been asked anything about the Savio case. Ric says he would like to believe that Stacy is still out there somewhere but that the evidence doesnt look good for Drew. Ric says Drew may have pulled off one of the perfect crimes of the century.