12/22/2007 (www.foxnews.com) Geraldo “At Large”

“Ric Mims Testifying before Grand Jury, Canal Searches”


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Geraldo At Large on Fox Update:


Jeanine Pirro in for Geraldo Rivera.

Madeline McCann's parents release new video of the toddler. Natalie's family vs. Cigna Healthcare case with Mark Geragos. NY lawyer husband Carlos Perez-Olevo indicted in his elementary school teacher wife's murder.

Showing Dateline interview of DP by Hoda Kotb.

JP: Judge denied request to return his belongings. Search moved from the canal to other locations. RM testified before the GJ. The littlest child asks for her mother.

TH: They don't have anything yet. If they find her, the whole world owes him an apology.

JP: He's suspected of two homocides of two wives!

MG: I just don't understand why they keep letting him talk. Guilty or innocent, he really should not be talking.

Bo Dietl: Mark Fuhrman, former detective from LE, did a fantastic job of investigating the issues with the pastor, phone records, lack of alibi, taking his clothes off in front of the washing machine, etc. He didn't just pull that out of the air, that had to come from somewhere and we don't know what all LE actually has.

MG: This is a lot like Scott Peterson. Scott Peterson had some of the worst "don't act right" evidence I had ever seen in my life and this guy has the same issues going on.


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