12/22/2007 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Ric Mims Talks about his trip to testify before Grand Jury”


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECAP transcript done by an Internet poster known as “Snicker.” (Note: Double spacing added by www.acandyrose.com)

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GVS "On the Record" Update:


Jeanine Pirro in for GVS.

RM: Basically they were just wanting to know the demeanor of the kids and what DP was doing. It was pretty normal in the house. The older kids were a little more stressed out than the younger ones were. They asked a lot of questions about DP as a disciplinarian with the kids. DP does not even raise his voice with the kids. The kids are well mannered and never give anyone any problems. Did not see any other witnesses while I was at the GJ. I am scheduled to go back before the GJ the last week of January. JB and SC portrayed me as a street kid. That's not true. I was with the Young Republicans when I was younger. I had press passes for events with presidents. I have been in media for a long time. I worked for a cable company for more than 20 years. I don't really care what DP or JB says. I've told the truth since the beginning.

Gloria Allred: I feel terrible for the children. I'm sure they have no concept of why their mother is not there. The older ones must be very confused to have lost two mothers. I wonder why the children are still there and they have not been removed from that household. I don't know if CPS have been there and there is not enough evidence to take them out of the house. I'm surprised that RM is discussing what he said in GJ.

JH: In CA the witnesses are instructed not to speak about their testimony. The law is different in IL. This is like a good fishing expedition. They are trying to look into whether DP should be indicted or should be let go.

TW: In IL and in the federal system witnesses can come out and talk about what is happening in the GJ. There is something most baffling that we have not talked about. The fact that DP called the locksmith to go into KS's house is very troubling to me. I wonder if the GJ is considering that.

JP: Not only is he doing that, but he invites a neighbor and a friend of KS to come in with him!

TW: When we are not near the body he's happy. When he looks upset we are getting near the body.

JH: Ted is right. If he's happy, LE is getting cold. If DP seems upset, LE is getting closer.

GA: I don't thinks he's done himself any service by speaking in public. The public's impression has not been good.

JP: His statements about his wives' menstrual cycles, etc! Can you imagine getting that past a jury pool?

GA: He didn't seem to care about whether or not his wife ran off, not even for his children.

JP: It's almost frightening the way he has reacted. Don't you think it's curious that they put up a website and started to look for her 2 months after she goes missing.

JH: The worst possible is when a cop is suspected of murder. The ideal case for the prosecution would be for both cases to be tried together if there is enough to charge on both cases.

TW: I think they will focus on the KS case first and I'm not sure they will ever have enough to charge this guy at this point.


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