12/22/2007 GretaWire Evesdropping with Ric Mims

“Back from Grand Jury, Ric Mims will be "On the Record" tonight


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 Greta talks with Ric Mims


Ric Mims will be on "On the Record" tonight. Janine Pirro will be sitting in for Greta.

What RM said:

--hasn't spoken with DP since the night he came to close the house up when ISP served the search warrant.

--he's been laying low spending time with family and staying out of Bolingbrook. He's been back, but is not staying in Bolingbrook. He has changed his phone number since then. No one seems to really be talking to him.

--he was paid by the National Enquirer--said "the amount will all be in his tax return this year" but would not reveal how much.

--was before the GJ for two hours--it was very comfortable--anyone can ask you questions--there are 18-20 people, two SAs, and a couple of detectives--Glasgow was also present--SA is very thorough-- two weeks prior he was questioned for two hours--has to go back in January--SA questions, then GJurors can ask questions, then an open questioning period--not repeating questions--asking mostly about time spent at DP's house since SP's disappearance

Greta asked why when RM and GVS were at DP's DP sent one of the teenagers off and kept the other one at his side.

--RM said that he wouldn't read anything into that.

--CC spoke with the younger teenager when she showed up at the house the night SP went missing. RM has heard that that son told CC SP and DP had a fight that day


--blue containers were required equipment to work for the cable company, DP bought two and RM bought two--made of industrial plastic--told GVS she could fit in one--they cost about $100 a piece--RM doesn't recall seeing then at DP's house when he was there.

--TM was the manager of DP's bar in Montgomery--really don't know him -- met him in passing out at the bar.

--the only thing I ever heard about TM and suicide was when your producers called me and asked if it was me--I don't know if TM did attempt suicide or not--DP never mentioned it to me at all

--the whole story is peculiar--the more I hear about it and look at it from a distance, the more strange it seems to me.

--GJ has more questions for me, so they asked me to come back the last week of January--this GJ is very engaged and really concerned--they seem devoted to getting to the bottom of this

--GJ has not asked me anything about KS

--I feel sorry for the kids spending Christmas without their mother

--I would love for SP to have run off and for her to be found alive, but all the circumstantial evidence is piling up and it doesn't look good for him.


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