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“Kathleen Savio’s Photos and Letters Describes Horror”





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Dec 24 Enquirer Kathleen Savio's photos and letters describe horror and bonus article

In a blockbuster world exclusive the Enquirer has obtainted photos , documents and letters from Kathleens family that chronicle the abuse she said she suffered at the hands of Drew Peterson.

Kathleens death was never a mystery to her family according to the article, "My aunt Kitty always said, Drew is going to kill me and make it look like an accident." her nephew Charles Doman told the Enquirer. Before she died Kathleen gave letters, police reports, hospital files and photos recounting her nightmare marriage to her sister Anna Doman, according to Anna "Kitty told me I want you to make sure you get these papers because I want you to go get Drew."

Her nightmare begin in 1993 shortly after she married him. At that time he was supplementing a cop's pay by working part time as a wedding photographer and also running a bar with Kathleen. On May 19, 1993 Kathleen was managing the bar while Peterson photographed a wedding, But she went home early because her husbands young teenage son was watching their 4 month old baby boy and she was worried. When Peterson found out, he blew up and attacked Kathleen. According to a police report that night, "Drew Peterson came home after taking pictures and drinking all night, he was furious for Kathleen for being there and began to destroy their home, throwing chairs into glass cabinets, throwing Kathleen up against the wall and knocking her unconscious on the dining room table.

Kathleen snapped photos later that showed the results of Peterson's wrath, a smashed china cabinet, an overturned kitchen table and chairs and a heavy dining room table lying on its side. Her nephew Charles added, "Drew wrecked the house and knocked my aunt out and he was never arrested. "In another photo Kathleen sports a black eye while sitting with her sisters. Kathleen's niece said, "When my aunt Kitty got there everybody asked her What happened and she didn't want to talk about it." But later Kathleen told her sister Anna that her husband had punched her.

In Oct 2001, Kathleen received an anonymous letter that claimed her husband was having an affair with a 17 year old girl Stacy. Also it said the BB police department knew about it but decided to conceal it to protect Drew and the department. Also in the same letter in a separate box of the article it says, "This is not the first time in the past year Drew's immoral and unethical behavior has been concealed .

This past summer Drew allowed the beating of a handcuffed and defenseless arrestee ..

This past fall Drew was suspected of planting cocaine on two separate drug suspects to obtain a substanial arrest to overshadow his recent behavior." The letter ended with the warning,' Protect yourself and your family.'

Kathleen filed for divorce and got an order of protection, Peterson moved moved into a new home with Stacy only two blocks away from Kathleen and her young sons. During the following months police were called to her home 18 times regarding confrontations. Drew was never arrested. In a letter sent to an assistant State's attorney Kathleen described dreadful abuse" When I found out Mr Peterson was having an affair with a minor at the police department he began to get very violent by striking me with his hand and chasing me through the house with his police stick. "Pointing to her belief that Peterson had received special treatment from his BB police buddies, several times during her marriage, she said," I ended up in the Boling Brook ER room several times and I have reported this several times only to have the police leave my home without filing any reports".

Kathleen reported that Peterson's fury peaked July 5, 2002 when quote" he got into my home with a garage door opener he programmed for himself when I was out of town. She reports ," I was unaware of his presence and was very afraid for my life. This man popped out from our living room while I was walking downstairs with a basket of laundry. I was shocked and dropped the clothes and stood there asking him to get out. Drew was in uniform with his police radio in his ear. He yelled at me to sit down and be quiet and I refused and he pushed me on the stairs. He told me to move down to the third step and not to move or speak. He was very angry that in our divorce the judge was going to order him to pay child support. He told me he didn't want to pay me anything. He kept me in that position for a very long time, while trying to convince me how horrible I am and I just needed to die. He asked me several times if I was afraid. I started to panic and he pulled out his knife that he kept around his leg and brought it to my neck. I thought I would never see my boys again., She concluded that his next step was to take my children away or kill me instead."

Although Kathleen and Drew were divorced in 2003, they continued to fight about financial matters in 2004. But on March 1 2004 Kathleens body was found in a whirlpool bath in her home, there was no water in the tub, she had a large wound on her head and seven or eight bruises on her body. Her exhusband went to her burial but skipped the family gathering afterward. Nephew Charles Doman said, "Later Drew went to my Aunt Kitty's house and took two night tables, a couple of dressers, fur coats, a giant jewelry box and my Aunt Kitty's diamong wedding ring. He had it reset and gave it to Stacy.." Peterson also took Kathleens cherry wood four poster bed. He and Stacy slept in that bed and police believe it is where Stacy died.

The article ends saying her death was ruled an accident by a panel of six jurors. And then goes onto to say that Dr Baden who did an independent autopsy said "In my opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty , it's a homicide. There were indications of multiple blunt force traumas of being beaten up. One of the things we were able to look at today were that those bruises were still there and we could see from the naked eye that they were fresh. "

Also the Enquirer does indeed have some photos of a pretty trashed house that may be what Kathleen described to police.


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