12/26/2007 (www.myfoxchicago.com) Craig Wall Reporting (VIDEO):

“New Development in Peterson Case”



New Development in Peterson Case

Police Searching

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A mysterious development in the Stacy Peterson investigation has State Police searching a cemetery for her body. It comes after someone littered a neighbor's lawn with photos and left them a cryptic letter. Click play to see the latest report from Bolingbrook by Fox News Chicago's Craig Wall.

12/26/07 Craig Wall (www.myfoxchicago.com) reporting: "New Development in Peterson Case"

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SHARON BYCHOWSKI: "They were scattered all over the driveway, on top of my husband's car all the way up to my door, about fifty total."

CRAIG WALL: Sharon Bychowski couldn't believe what she saw outside her house this morning. Dozens of 5x7 pictures of a cemetery.

BYCHOWSKI: "I think anytime you find cemetary pictures with markers on them, evidence markers on them, it's creepy."

CRAIG WALL: In addition to the photos, there was a Christmas stocking hanging from her mailbox and inside a three page letter with a copy of the National Enquirer, a map of the cemetery in question and a note.

BYCHOWSKI: "It said Merry Christmas to all, to her friends, this is where to find Stacy."

CRAIG WALL: "The photos and letter were turned over to the State Police. The evidence directed them to a small church cemetery in Indian Creek Park. Detectives went there today and found a fresh grave site that had almonds thrown on top of it. They also found binders and a typed diatribe where according to the cemetery caretaker the writer said God told them Stacy's body was here a source tells me. Investigators don't think this lead holds much promise. Peterson's attorney said his client has nothing to do with it and says this whole thing is probably the work of some lunatic. State police did interview another neighbor who also got a similar letter but they left without commenting and that neighbor did not answer when we knocked."