01/06/2008 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Recap: New People called to the Grand Jury”


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECAP transcript done by an Internet poster known as “Snicker.” (Note: Double spacing added by www.acandyrose.com)

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GVS "On the Record" LIVE SHOW:

Panel: Bernie Grimm, Ted Williams, Michael Cardoza, and Jim Hammer.

GVS: Neighbors are coming forward, speaking with the GJ this week. GJ is investigating a death and a disappearance of two of DP's wives. Sharon and Thomas Ponterelli testified this week. Thomas' wife was one of the first to find KS dead.

TW: In this kind of case there are more questions than answers here. I want to know if the GJ is looking into DP's alibi, why haven't they released KS's autopsy, and are the GJ looking into his brother?

JH: The GJ is a very powerful focus and can force people to testify. They will be looking hard at whether or not DP's timeline holds up and whether anyone can corroborate it.

BG: If I'm the foreperson, I would be subpoenaing everything--phone records, videotapes, records of blue barrels, etc. Because the once the GJ is done, they cannot subpoena anything until they go to trial and everything then gets shared with the defense during discovery.

MC: I would absolutely call the two middle children. There are no defense attorneys allowed in the GJ--it's like open season on the defendant and it's a very powerful tool for the prosecutors. They don't always put all the exculpatory evidence in during the GJ.

BG: It's obligatory for prosecutors to put the exculpatory evidence in.

TW: A GJ can indict a ham sandwich. This one is being meticulous and looking at everything.

GVS: In regard to SP, are they investigating a homocide?

TW: It's possible to convict without a body.

GVS: But that is the unusual case.

JH: If he bought the blue containers, if I believe the guy who supposedly helped him load it, that and some other things gets pretty damn close to an indictment.

GVS agreed.

MC: Keep in mind that they need proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

GVS: When all the pieces started to point at my client, I know I would get nervous.

MC: But that is what makes us good.


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