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“Recap: Florence, Kentucky Letter - Stacy Sighting”


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 GVS "On the Record" Update:

Meredith (Georgia hiker) Emerson's body has been found about 7pm tonight. Suspect Gary Michael Hilton, 61, is in custody and he told them where to find her body. She went hiking on Jan.1 in the mountains and her car and dog were found near a Kroger grocery store. In a nearby dumpster bloody clothes, part of an auto seat belt, her IDs, etc were found. Other hikers saw the suspect with her earlier in the day. Charges expected to be upgraded to murder by tomorrow.

Bold claims coming out of Bolingbrook that SP was seen.

Reporter for WIMD: Letter is dated 11/18/2007, postmarked 12/29/07. SP was supposedly seen at a mall in Florence KY. The man with SP went into the mall and when the author of the letter approached SP she acted nervous and asked if they would just leave her alone and mind your own business. When shown the photo, she supposedly said , "please don't ruin my life." Letter was mailed to "Joel Peterson" but no idea why. Author of the letter said that they did not come forward because they did not want to be attacked by the press, especially KG who the writer says has been unfair to DP.

ISP wanted to know why the person did not go to the police and ask to be protected? If they had the article, how did they get the name of DP and KP mixed up?

Gloria Allred: Is it probable? No! I don't buy it. Everyone has an obligation to help LE when someone is missing. What if it was their loved one that was missing? They would not go forward in fear of FOX news? That does not make sense.

GVS: Just a little tidbit of behind the scenes information, JB provided this letter to all the major news organizations, but refused to release it to FOX news!

Ted Williams: If he had this letter, why didn't he release it immediately to LE and not go through the whole news release first? He was using it for publicity first. This is stupid and JB is an idiot for releasing it.

Bernie Grimm: I can only defend JB so long. This is a hot story, but not on the front page anymore, so where did this person get this paper with SP on the front? It's sad that this woman is probably dead and LE is being sent on these wild goose chases.

Jim Hammer: People can write crazy letters all day, that's not illegal. It is illegal to misguide LE. They can track this down through the photo maybe and then we can see if it's a hoax or not.

Gloria Allred: They could photoshop the photo--without a date and a time, I don't know how reliable that would be!


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