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“Recap: Florence, Kentucky Letter - Stacy Sighting”


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 GVS "On the Record" Update:


Panel: Jim Hammer, Bernie Grimm, Ted Williams, and Michael Cardoza

GVS: Was SP spotted at a mall in Kentucky? Did she speak to a police officer in Kentucky? DP received an anonymous letter postmarked from Cincinnati Ohio.

Boone County Sheriff's rep: Prior to January 7, we did not ever hear about a sheriff deputy receiving a report that SP might have been seen. We did check our records and found that there was a lock out call in the mall parking lot that Sunday. Called the deputy who handled that lock out at home (he was on vacation) and we were able to confirm that he had no recollection of the call or anyone approaching him and stating that they had seen SP in the mall parking lot. He was aware of who SP is and definitely would have remembered if someone had told him they had seen the missing mother. I also sent out a message to all uniformed deputies on their car computers asking if anyone had received such a call and got no positive response. ISP called me and we spoke about it and they completed a report about the fact that no one in our department was approached regarding a sighting of SP.

JH: To be frank, I thought it was BS. It maybe could have been used for reasonable doubt. The cops did a good job of following up and documenting that no one was contacted about a sighting, so that eliminates that.

TW: I think it's a crack pot. Why did JB furnish this to the media and not give it to LE immediately? That's "stuck on stupid." SP would probably be looking for LE to come looking for her if she was out there . . .

BG: What Ted's saying is it's investigation 101. You lull her so to speak and keep your mouth shut- -she shows back up if she's staying in that area and you locate her. The way JB handled it, if she's out there she'll just keep running. IF she's out there.

MC: They have clearly proved that someone with a deranged sense of humor set this up. The letter was sent to DP and then it goes to JB? If you really want to find your wife and you really want to aid the investigation, you take it quietly to LE and work with them to check this out. The one telling thing is that the author said they took a photo, but they didn't include it with the letter. Nah .

TW: If anyone should release this to the public, it should be LE that releases it, not DP's attorney.

JH: If one potential juror bites on this story, that's all you might need for reasonable doubt.

GVS: He heats the story about his client up by taking this to the media. Instead of taking the heat off his own client, he draws heat to him!

BG: The first sentence of the next letter to DP should be "don't give this letter to your attorney!"

TW: You have to question the competency of a lawyer who is not doing everything he can do to protect his client's interests!

MC: Brodsky is about keeping Brodsky in the news.

TW: Well said.

GVS: Let me repeat the offer to JB--any time you would like to come on the show and give us your client's timeline for the day your client's wife went missing, you're welcome to come on.


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