01/22/2008 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Illinois State Police say Drew Peterson is STILL PRIME SUSPECT”


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 Greta Van Sustern "On the Record" Update:


Breaking News

ISP are talking about Peterson tonight. They say DP is still their prime suspect.

GVS: (reading from the statement ISP released last Friday)

"We are focusing our resources in another direction that is reinforcing the theory that Mr. Peterson is a suspect," Sgt. Thomas Burek said. "The focus has stayed the same. Mr Peterson is the prime suspect, and we've learned new information that has supported that." "It is apparent that Stacy did not voluntarily cease all contact with her children, family and friends," a statement said. It went on to say "additional investigative resources . . . have provided additional investigative tracks that were not previously pursued."

GVS: Do you know what that statement means?

MF: I don't know exactly what that means, but I can pull some things from it. ISP is using some phraseology that says they have come upon some information, perhaps forensically, that would reinforce their naming of DP as a suspect. This information may have moved them from one theory to another; such as thinking she's not in water, but buried somewhere; or perhaps they've come across something forensically that showed a strong motive for DP to have killed his wife and it is something they can act upon in their investigation. This may lead them in a direction where they could actually move toward an arrest. This may be forensic accounting records, computer records, many different types of things.

GVS: All of this is still before the GJ.

MF: That is correct. The GJ is still hearing testimony on both SP and KS. It is quite possible that there can be an arrest in the case of KS because they have a body, forensic evidence, etc. The other things I would consider is that for someone who doesn't want his wife to divorce him, he seems pretty casual about the fact that she's run away with another man.


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