01/24/2008 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Joel Brodsky: Stacy Sighting 01/02/08 in Peoria Homeless Shelter”


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GVS "On the Record" Update:

GVS: Is SP alive? JB is with us tonight.

GVS: Playing the message received by JB at his office.

Caller: "I did see Stacy again on January 2nd. I saw her at 3:15 in the afternoon. I didn't speak to her again. When I saw her I stepped back, I walked over near her, looked her straight in the face, and I walked off."

Caller went on to say that they believe SP is staying at a place called the "Dream Center," which is a women's shelter in Peoria.

GVS: Did you turn this over to the ISP?

JB: Yes I turned it over right away.

GVS: Have you sent anyone to Peoria to check this out to see if SP is staying at this Dream Center?"

JB: I have not sent anyone to the location -- that is part of the motive of releasing it to the press--so they will go look and see if she is there. We have no subpoena powers and our investigators cannot go into a women's shelter to discover if SP is registered there.

GVS: The message makes reference to "seeing SP again"--have you had previous messages from this person about seeing SP?

JB: From the context of the voicemail and the reference to Peoria and the comment of seeing her "again" we believe it is the person who sent the Thanksgiving letter about the Peoria grocery store sighting of Stacy.

GVS: Want to win a date with Sgt. Drew Peterson? (Playing the radio exchange between Steve Dahl, JB and DP.) General manager of the radio station said this will not be happening.

JB: I did a study of high profile cases and found out that the regular rule book tactics just don't work. Michael Jackson and Robert Blake engaged the media and both of them got off. The other Peterson, Scott, didn't engage the media and he got convicted. You have to throw out the rule book and you have to engage the media. Steve Dahl has been ribbing DP for almost three solid months, so we tried to engage him.

GVS: Well, I'm the media and he won't come on here and talk to me. He can come on here and say anything he wants, I won't censor him or cut him off. All I want to ask him is what he was doing on October 28.

JB: Well, that's the difference, you want to discuss the details of the case and this guy on the radio does a comedy bit about DP everyday and we were just engaging the media to participate a little.

GVS: Most people don't think it's funny that DP's wife is missing.

JB: You have to remember that DP has been clear from the beginning that his wife ran off with another man and he is acting like a man whose wife left him. He thinks, believes and behaves like a man who wants to get on with his life and there's nothing wrong with that.

GVS: Well, we're the media and we are here every night anytime he wants to come on and talk to us. Thank you Joel.


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