01/25/2008 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Ric Mims: Helped Track Kathleen”


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GVS "On the Record" Update:


GVS Summarizing JB's claim that he received a text message saying that SP was in Peoria and ISP did not follow up on it.

GVS called the Dream Center and their response to the question "Was SP at your shelter?" -"No way. Everyone must provide a valid ID and no one looking like SP has stayed there. ISP did call to confirm that no one matching SP's appearance ever stayed at the shelter since October 28, 2007."

ISP say they have investigated more than 1,900 tips.

GJ has been investigating since November and plans to continue for at least the next four months, could extend that another six months.

GVS: We have Ric Mims with us tonight. He testified before the GJ today. I understand that you told the GJ about some surveillance you helped DP do on his third wife Kathleen Savio.

RM: That's right. I spent about forty-five minutes to an hour before the GJ. When I helped DP follow KS it was one of the early mornings we had at the cable company and DP wanted to know if she took the same route to work every day. So we followed her in two car two days in a row to be sure she took the same route route to work. We used radios to communicate and we confirmed that she went to work the same way.

GVS: Why did DP want to know if she went the same way to work?

RM: He wanted to know if she was staying at a boyfriend's house and going to work from there or if she was going to work from home every day.

GVS: Did you say to him, "You're divorced and remarried, why are you following your ex-wife?"

RM: No I didn't. I just figured that it was about the fact that their property was still not settled.

GVS: What difference would it have made if she did have a boyfriend in settling their property?

RM: DP thought if he could prove she had a boyfriend it would reduce his child support or alimony.

GVS: Didn't you think this was strange for your friend to be following his ex-wife around and asking you to help him?

RM: I didn't think about it at the time. I just thought I was trying to get some dirt to help a friend.

GVS: Was that the only time you helped him surveil his ex-wife or were there other times?

RM: The only other time was when I went to her work and stayed in the parking lot while he went to the house to retrieve some items. She was at work, I stayed in the parking lot of her work while he went to her house to retrieve some items. I was to call him if she left work.

GVS: When was this in regard to when she was found dead?

RM: It would have been December of '03 or January of '04.

GVS: Did he go inside her house and if he did, did he have a key?

RM: I don't know if he went inside or not.

GVS: Do you know if he got what he went to retrieve?

RM: Don't know if he got the items, he just radioed me and said I could leave.

GVS: Do you know if DP had been stalking, threatening, or abusive to Kathleen?

RM: I understood they were going through a dirtier type divorce.

GVS: Were you aware of his surveillance of SP?

RM: DP told me he had her cell phone GPS tracked. He was convinced she was "screwing around" on him. No proof or facts that I'm aware of and I don't believe in it.

GVS: Was DP doing any other types of surveillance of SP?

RM: DP has always been a little over possessive of his wives. When he was married to his second wife he tapped the bar phones and he tapped his house phones because he was always suspicious that something was going on.

GVS: So he surveilled his second and third wives and surveilled and tracked his fourth wife. Thanks Ric.


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