01/26/2008 Anderson Cooper 360 Update

“Dr. Cyril Wecht comments on decomposed body found”


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Anderson Cooper 360 Update:

Body appears to be a female with reddish-blonde hair. Blue plastic garbage can found near the remains. Remains found near canal and train tracks.

Reporter: DP's behavior has been very odd. It's almost as though he has been "dancing on her grave" since his wife went missing.

Sanjay Gupta: The cold temperature would have helped deter decomposition. Presence of bugs, surrounding soil, wounds, etc. would all helpgive some clues to what happened tothis person.

Dr. Cyril Wecht: The body will be permitted to thaw. They will attempt to determine the sex, cause of death, toxicology screens will be run, anthropologist will be called in to give the approximate age of the bones, odontologist will be brought in to examine the teeth, etc. There have been warm spells in Chicago since October, so unless the body was well protected, it has most likely badly decomposed--probably no soft tissues remain at this point. Soon enough we will know if this is Stacy Peterson.

AC: Investigators are still on the scene carefully examining everything in the area. We will continue to keep you update throughout this hour should anything develop.


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