01/28/2008 (www.mandjshow.com) Mike and Juliet Show

"Long-time Friend of Drew Peterson Speaks Out"


January 28, 2008 (Transcript by: Snicker)

Transcript of the Mike and Juiet interview with Ric Mims and profiler Pat Brown:

Mike: "Was it her?" That was the question over the weekend when a body was found on the southside of Chicago. Was it missing mom Stacy Peterson? That was the question on everyone's mind.

Juliet: Well no, that wasn't, it wasn't. On Friday a woman's frozen remains were found in a field, on the southside as you mentioned, but police now say they do not belong to Drew Peterson's fourth wife. Some people may be relieved that it's not. But also you know, some people were hoping there would be some sort of closure to this whole situation.

Mike: Well meanwhile, over the weekend the prime suspect is making headlines again and acting more bizarrely than ever.

Unseen announcer speaking over montage of photos and videos: For weeks little or nothing was heard from Drew Peterson, the key suspect in the disappearance of his wife Stacy. Before the silence he had been the shady character who seemingly relished the limelight. He was seen as a shameless grandstander and there was even a hint he was flaunting his evasion of the long arm of the law. The sudden quiet was unusual behavior. Then last week Peterson came back full force. He granted an interview and talked about his wish to begin dating again. I mean, should dating be the focus of a man with a missing wife? Peterson also said he was angry with Stacy.

DP: (on video)” I hope Stacy shows her face or is seen someplace where we um put an end to all this. She left me for somebody else and there have been several affairs discovered. So yeah, I'm pretty mad.”

Announcer: Critics who believe Stacy is a victim marvel at Peterson's anger. And later, when Fox anchor Shepherd Smith confronted Peterson about Stacy's disappearance, he refused to answer questions that were not about dating. (Showed the clip of DP saying he had to walk away and taking off his microphone.) Peterson's week-long antics did not end there. On Stacy's birthday friends and family gathered to commemorate their missing loved one. Drew was not there.

Kerry Simmons: Our lives will never be back to normal--until we find Stacy and bring her home and until we get the truth about what happened to her and bring the person who did this to justice.

Announcer: And that's not all. Drew Peterson also announced he was hiring a publicist to sell his story. He apparently thinks profiting from his wife's disappearance is a good idea. Next he came forward claiming he had discovered a racy text message on Stacy's cell phone. The anonymous message thanked Stacy for a sexual encounter the previous night. Peterson says the text is evidence that Stacy is alive and in a romantic affair. Finally, to jumpstart his return to the dating scene, Peterson offered himself as a prize in a radio station "dial-a-date" contest. What in the world is up with this man?

Mike: Joining us now is a man who was friends with Drew Peterson for twenty-seven years until this past November. Welcome Ric Mims to the show.

Juliet: Also joining us is criminal profiler Pat Brown. Ric, thanks for being here. For 27 years you guys were friends and planning to open a bar together, possibly?

Ric: Yeah, we had talked about opening a bar after his retirement from the police department.

Juliet: What's it like watching everything you watched her. I saw you watching the lead in and you were just shaking your head . . .

Ric: It just gets crazier every day. It just gets more like a circus every day.

Mike: What do you think about that text? Do you think Stacy was having an affair?

Ric: According to Drew she was. The week before Stacy disappeared me and Drew had went out one night and he mentioned that he thought she was having an affair, but that was the first time he had mentioned that to me. And she had just started back at college, so I took it as jealousy that she was back around people her own age.

Juliet: So tell us about the jealousy and possessiveness that you told us Drew exhibited. You said initially to our producer "you know you don't sit around and analyze your friends" -- but now, of course, you're analyzing Drew Peterson.

Ric: He was very, very possessive jealous, very, um, overbearing on them.

Juliet: What would he do? What were some of the things that he did?

Ric: With Stacy he had gotten her a cell phone with GPS tracking so he could track her movements on it. With Kathleen he had tapped the phones in her house.

Mike: His third wife?

Ric: Yes, his third wife.

Juliet: Who is dead, by the way, found in a bathtub.

Ric: Correct. And we did some surveillance on her. I helped with some surveillance on her.

Juliet: You helped do some surveillance with Drew?

Mike: What do you mean—you just followed her around?

Ric: Yeah, when he was going through is divorce, it was right before the property settlement, the end of ’03, beginning of ’04. And he was worried that she was staying at her boyfriend’s house with the children. And he wanted to make sure, this is the story he told me, that she was leaving from her house in the morning to go to work.

Mike: What is this thing that you would surveil her though?

Ric: We monitored every move she made in the morning when she would go to work.

Mike: You had communication with each other?

Ric: We had a two-way radio.

Juliet: You felt like, I mean, why were you doing that? You felt like he was being wronged?

Ric: Yes, I mean, it was a bitter divorce he was going through, he was a friend, and I was helping him gather evidence to help lower his alimony.

Mike: What did you ever catch her doing?

Juliet: Oh, it was to lower his alimony.

Mike: What did you ever catch her doing?

Ric: Nothing!

Mike: Nothing!

Ric: Nothing.

Mike: She never had affairs on him.

Ric: Not that I know of.

Juliet: Do you think that Drew Peterson killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio?

Ric: Yes I do.

Juliet: Do you think he killed Stacy Peterson?

Ric: Yes I do.

Juliet: Why?

Ric: Um . . .

Juliet: This guy you were friends with for 27 years . . .

Ric: The week that I spent at his house right after Stacy disappeared, his strange behavior, writing a check for a quarter of a million dollars to his son to get out of an equity line, $10,000 out of his personal account, a lot of cash that was handed over to his son, a lot of strange things happened. One night he dressed all in black and he had something under his shirt—and disappeared out the back door and came back about thirty minutes later.

Mike: But 27 years, when did it click and when did you realize it clicked over to “Oh my God, my friend is a double-murderer?”

Ric: I had been meeting with the State Police and they had been giving me timelines and also Mark Fuhrman had been giving me timelines. I had had a meeting with them on a Saturday morning and I went straight to the house and I asked Drew, I said, “You’re gonna have to be honest with me about a few things if I’m gonna stand by you on this. I’ve got to know.” And his basic response was everybody’s was lying but him.

Mike: Hmm. . .

Juliet: Does it make you nervous that you were there for so many strange things—you guys would go into the closets to talk because he thought maybe the walls were bugged. Does it worry you that you know so much about him that you’re going to be a target?

Ric: That is a concern, but in Bolingbrook, living in Bolingbrook, I feel very safe there with the Chief of Police there and the police department we have there.

Mike: That’s an interesting point, Juliet. Do you think he would ever come after you and eliminate you?

Ric: I’m one of the most watched people around Bolingbrook right now, so I’m not really worried about it.

Juliet: Do you have security?

Ric: Yes, I do.

Mike: I don’t understand why someone just can’t say “Drew, we want to know what happened the night, the night Stacy disappeared. Give us your alibi. He won’t say.

Ric: If he would give us his timeline for Sunday, the day she disappeared, the news media would go away.

Mike: You asked him, “What were you doing that Sunday, Drew?”

Ric: The only thing I found out so far, that he has told me personally, is that he drove down to the airport where he kept his ultra light plane to put his FAA stickers on, which aren’t due till the first of the year and we’re talking he went down on the day she went missing.

Mike: What do you think happened?

Ric: I believe he buried her somewhere down near the airport.

Mike: How do you think he killed her?

Ric: Drew’s a martial arts expert, I mean he’s a thirty year veteran on the police force, he was undercover for seven, eight years, he’s . . . he . . .(nodding head).

Juliet: Why do you think he killed these women? Why not just get divorced?

Mike: Good question!

Ric: Yeah, good question!

Mike: Do you think he buried her in that blue tub that everyone talks about?

Ric: Yes.

Mike: You do.

Ric: Yes, I do, because the blue tub was brought up a bunch of times. And then when his, Thomas Morphey mentioned the tub with the silver handles . . .

Mike: He helped him move it . . .

Ric: We used these big, blue tubs with the silver handles when we worked at the cable company to carry converter boxes in. And then the day I heard them say silver handles on the blue box, I knew immediately which box it was. I immediately grabbed pictures of the boxes I had that were similar.

Mike: Do you think she’s buried close.

Ric: Uh, no. There is another person involved that came over and brought him a cell phone.

Juliet: Who is this person?

Ric: His name is Mike Robinson. And he brought him a cell phone the night that they raided the house. Because they took all our cell phones, they gave me mine back, and . . .

Mike: Do you think he knows what happened?

Ric: I don’t know, but they were writing notes back and forth and shredding them and I wasn’t privy to what was on those.

Juliet: Pat, now you’re listening to what Ric is saying here and you’ve been watching what’s going on with Drew Peterson--I mean the whole, the whole hiring a publicist bit, may be getting a date through the radio . . .

Pat: Why not? I mean I’m single but he’s not on my dance card.

Juliet: But he is just adamant about convincing the world that his wife is off with some other guy.

Mike: Ran off . . .

Juliet: she’s been cheating on him with.

Pat: Right. That’s the story that he’s going to continue with. I mean it’s a good story. I mean it “could” be true. I mean we have no proof that she didn’t run away with another man, so why not stick with that story if it works?

Juliet: So why is everyone leaning towards him killing her?

Pat: Well, because she’s not showing up anyplace. It’s kind of hard to believe that she’s that clever she could hide this long and nobody has a clue where she is. So obviously we all believe she is dead.

Mike: She could let him off the hook and call, I mean she has two children.

Pat: She might not want to let him off the hook. She wouldn’t want to care about her children. I also want to say that luckily Ric is safe. Generally speaking, even though he has come out in public and spoken in public, he’s pretty much done everything—if you want to say damage—that he can already do, so he’s safe. Because Drew is not going to kill off someone and put the limelight all over both of them. So that’s not going to happen.

Ric: I’m not worried about it.

Mike: Why does Drew go through these shenanigans? Why does he put himself out there for a date? Why does he hire a publicist? What is it about this celebrity that he likes?

Pat: Well Drew is moving on. A psychopathic person--and I can’t say that Drew is one, but he’s sure exhibiting all the tendencies—loves the limelight. That’s their problem in life anyway—they’ve failed when they’re young in life if they’ve grown up not being as successful as they want to be. So they try to get people to think of them as the most important person around—they want to be God.

Juliet: And he’s the victim, too.

Pat: Yes, and the thing is he’s going to be the victim because he wants the attention on himself. He’s always right and everyone else is always wrong. So the stories are always going to go his direction. His wives he said were all cheating on him? Well, it’s possible they were, you know. It is possible. But the fact is he was always cheating on all of his wives, but he is never going to admit that he was wrong in doing that.

Mike: Rick have you ever witnessed him cheating on his wives?

Juliet: Yeah, did you?

Ric: Yeah. Well, I never actually watched.

Juliet: But he was cheating? He was cheating?

Ric: Oh yeah. He has a reputation around town of being a “ladies man.”

Pat: And to be honest the third and fourth wife were both having an affair with a married man—so there are people with lots of bad behaviors and he takes advantage of that. He knows that he can manipulate people.

Mike: And Pat, you said that these psychopaths always need to play a game and he’s going to play the game out till the end. Thank you Pat. Amazing information today. Thank you Ric.

Ric: One more thing . . .

Mike: Yes.

Ric: There have been a lot of questions about my friendship with Drew for twenty-seven years. I started a blog—it’s www.ricmims.com (this address is actually wrong—should be www.richardmims.com ). People can go to it and catch up on how I met Drew and throughout the twenty-seven years.

Juliet: You just to clear things up?

Ric: Yeah, just to clear things up. I don’t want any misconceptions . . .

Juliet: I would be pretty bummed out if I was best friends for twenty-seven years with a double murderer.

Pat: One quick thing—Drew is going to get himself women. He’s going to get himself women now. There’s always some woman out there who wants more attention too, so she’ll hook up with Drew so she can get all the attention. Other psychopaths will get together with him. Yep.

Mike: There are women driving by his house there outside Chicago blowing kisses.

Pat: He’ll get more women when he goes to trial and more women when he goes to prison.

Mike: Thank you both very much.