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GUESTS: Anna Doman/Civil Suit and Ric Mims/Blue Truck


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Greta Van Sustern "On the Record" Update:

GVS: KS's family is reopening KS's estate and filed a wrongful death suit against DP.

KS sister Anna Doman: We are doing this for Tommy and Chris because they were cheated out of their inheritance.

GVS: It's the money for the two middle boys. You're going to be able to get him under oath and under subpoena.

AD: He cannot claim the 5th Amendment. We will be able to subpoena information and he will have to take the stand because it is a civil suit. ISP has not released the second autopsy results. Have not seen DP or the kids since SP went missing. Suit is ready to go. We feel the kids got cheated and our sister was murdered. I promised KS that I would take care of the kids. These kids lost their mother and their share of the estate. We will make sure these boys are well taken care of.

GVS: Dr. Michael Baden conducted an autopsy on KS after she was exhumed. Clearly KS was the victim of a homocide. Dr. Blum is a good forensic pathologist and he has turned his results over to the coroner and it has gone on to the GJ. She died 36 hours prior to her body being discovered. If they are allowed to go forward with the wrongful death civil suit

MB: Where was DP when KS died the night before she was found--was he home with SP or not? Wish the original autopsy had included more slides of the injured areas to confirm when the injuries occurred.

Ric Mims: I have a blog and I'm putting up my story of my friendship with DP and the timeline after SP went missing. It can be found at www.richardmims.com We've had about 6,000 hits per day. I have a site administrator that helps me, but the writing and responding is mine.

GVS: DId DP have any known access to her house at the time when she died?

RM: I know that I watched her at work to be sure she did not leave while he went to her house to retrieve a few things. Don't know if was to retrieve something inside or outside. That would have been in late December 2003 or very early January 2004. He does know how to use a locksmith kit. Years ago we had that conversation. He has a little black case full of little picks--they look like dental tools. He showed me it when he was showing me his gun collection. He told me he was trained to use it. I've been before the GJ three times and I'm going back one more time that I know about. I've talked to SA about many things, such as whether DP did any parking ticket fixing and if the blue Dodge truck would fit into a garage with the camper top on it. (?)


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 02-01-2008 03:39 AM

Recap of GVS Update:

--petititioning to reopen KS estate due to potential award in wrongful death suit

--filed wrongful death suit against DP, making him subject to discovery

--Savios doing all this for Tommy and Kris, who were cheated out of their inheritance

--DP under oath in deposition cannot plead the 5th

--once Savios are guardians of the estate they can pursue the wrongful death suit on behalf of Tommy and Kris

--ISP not releasing anything, even to the family, regarding KS's second autopsy

--Boys received none of their inheritance, DP got everything

--Implying they will seek custody of boys, but not directly stated

--Dr. Baden: KS's death was not an accident - it was a homocide. She was beaten up before she was put in the bathtub and drowned. Dr. Blum completed autopsy, given to coroner, DA, and GJ. KS was dead 36 hours before she was found. Alibis need to be checked for 36 hours before she was found. DP should be asked where he was the night KS died if he was not home in bed with the missing SP. Would have been interesting if the original coroner had gotten slides to determine the time interval between KS's injuries and her death.

--Ric Mims: Blog - free blog at www.richardmims.com - purpose is to clarify our friendship and clear up any confusion. 6,000 hits per day so far. Know of no access he had. He did ask me to watch her vehicle at work to be sure she didn't go home while he retrieved some things from her house. DP has a locksmith kit and has been trained on how to use it -- he showed it to me. It's a little black case with little picks in it. Looks like dental tools. Been before the GJ 3 times and going back one more time.


NOTE: Also, on the Greta screen while Mims was being interviewed, it said under his face, "blue Dodge p/u that Drew ONCE OWNED".