02/01/2008 GretaWire Evesdropping Audio call with Ric Mims

“Ric Mims, IS HE GOING TO JAIL ... TONIGHT ??????”


Posted on the GretaWire Web Site: "February 1st, 2008 8:00 PM Eastern, EAVESDROP on Ric Mims

IS HE GOING TO JAIL…TONIGHT?????? by Greta Van Susteren"

Transcript below was done by www.acandyrose.com of the February 1, 2008 Greta Van Susteren of Fox News evesdropping audio with Ric Mims (Runtime 07:00 minutes)


GRETA: I got you on GretaCast because I understand the Illinois state police are headed over to your house?

RIC: That's what they said, they arrested my site administrator a few minutes ago at his work, there was a...

GRETA: Let's talk about your site, this is richardmims.com, right?

MIMS: Correct

GRETA: And that's the name of the site and they've arrested the administrator, why have they arrested the administrator?

MIMS: Because they're saying that there was a letter was sent to me at 2:14 in the morning to the web site from and they said it was from Stacy so when I got up this morning I called Pat Collins at the state police and told him about it and he told me to call the tip line and leave all the information and I did and the next thing I know they call me and telling me on the phone, which one of you put that on the web site and I said nobody put it on there it was approved, not written by us, it was approved and I got the IP address of it.

GRETA: And what did they say about after that?

MIMS: They said no, one of you wrote it, I want to know why your making this guy write this stuff to profit off of it and I said I'm telling you I did not write that and neither did Scott and they said well we're taking Scott into custody now and we'll be to get you in a little bit.

GRETA: Okay, no how long ago did they call you, what time did they call you?

MIMS: About thirty minutes.

GRETA: Okay now, I've got richardmims.com pulled up on the computer and there’s a question that says, is this from Stacy and then what it says is and tell me if this is the one you were called about, "I'm sorry to my children, I'm sorry to my family and I'm sorry for my husband for putting you all through this. Know that I'm in a safe place and I'm happy with my new life, I love you, dated February 1st 2:16am. Is that the site that they say they're coming to pick you up about?

MIMS: Right, correct.

GRETA: What did they say the crime was?

MIMS: Tampering with a murder investigation

GRETA: Tampering with a murder investigation? In which way?

MIMS: and profiting from a murder investigation

GRETA: And what did you say when the police told you that?

MIMS: I didn't tell them anything, I said all I can tell you is that I did not make that post, all I did was approve it, I put it up there for people to see what kind garbage there is people out there and that's it, I did not put that up there and neither did my site administrator.

GRETA: Alright

MIMS: And they said we know what computer it came from and I said great.

GRETA: Alright, now let me understand because different sites have different ways of doing things. You have this website and people can write in and make comments and then you have to okay the comments to be posted, right?

MIMS: Correct.

GRETA: And who okayed this comment?

MIMS: I did.

GRETA: Now I just read the comment, the comment in no way it states there's a crime, it says "I'm okay, I'm fine," right?

MIMS: And I just wanted to call them to let them know that I got that hit on my blog and from somebody and the address, you know, a yahoo.com mailing address and IP address and I give them all the information and the next thing I know they're at my site administrators office and they're arresting him.

GRETA: Where is your site administrator, where does he live?

MIMS: He lives I believe in Aurora but he works up in the Northern suburbs for, I don't know the name of the company but he's a, you know a computer technician.

GRETA: How certain are you that he's been arrested?

MIMS: 100%, I mean they told me they arrested him and he's not answering his phone now

GRETA: And would he ordinarily answer his phone at this time?


GRETA: What, they said were coming over to arrest you?

MIMS: Yeah, first they told me to meet them at precinct 5 in an hour and then they told me they were coming to arrest me. We've arrest Scott now and we'll be there to arrest you.

GRETA: Typically when police are going to arrest people they don't normally tip them off that they're coming to arrest you, that seems peculiar.

MIMS: Right, I don't know if it's scare tactics or what but we did not put that post up there, we have the IP address.

GRETA: Well I'm even sure if there's anything wrong with putting the post up, I'm having a hard time, you know, there's a lot of things on the Internet that frankly are not very nice and nasty, untrue, the whole works and I'm having a hard time understanding why they say this is tampering with an investigation.

MIMS: Right. Because I called it in to them.

GRETA: But you just said take a look at this.

MIMS: Right, that's it.

GRETA: And did the person who you made the call to act like that was peculiar at all that it was odd?

MIMS: No, he just said, he gave me the tip line, he said call the tip line, leave all the information on the tip line, that way it will get to the proper investigator who handles the computer end of the investigation.

GRETA: So did you call the tip line?

MIMS: Yes I did.

GRETA: And did you identify yourself?

MIMS: Yes I identified myself as Richard Mims, give them my phone number twice, told them about the whole thing about Pat Collins told me to call and leave a message, I left the message regarding the at 2:14am I received this e-mail, I mean this blog, approved it, a, and she says she's Stacy, I don't know that for a fact if it is or isn't but I thought I needed to report it.

GRETA: Alright let me ask you this because it seems so peculiar, I'm looking at this posting, it seems so peculiar, do you think they were pulling your leg to try to scare you? I don't even know why they would bother, it seems like bazaar thing to do but the whole thing is bazaar that they would go out and arrest you for tampering with a murder investigation with this posting.

MIMS: Right. That's what they said now I'm just sitting here at the house waiting.

GRETA: Do you know the police officer who called you?

MIMS: His name was Steve something, I didn't get his name, his last name because once he got into everything, I...

GRETA: Did he tell you not to go anyplace?

MIMS: No, he didn't tell me not to go nowhere.

GRETA: He said we're on our way over in thirty minutes to arrest?

MIMS: He said we're arresting Scott right now he said and then we'll be over to arrest you.

GRETA: Do you have any idea who sent this posting?

MIMS: No, I have not a clue. It came from an e-mail address, "Rainbow8" at Yahoo.

GRETA: And you turned all that over to the police?

MIMS: Yes and the IP address. Which is That's the IP.

GRETA: I take it you have no idea who it is?

MIMS: No, I don't have a clue. I don't have a clue to any of these people are, they're all anonymity and I don't, I approve all messages, I mean whether, I mean unless it's really bad, you know things people are putting on there I won't approve the really bad ones. But, I approve 90% of the messages because I want to be fair, you know to people who, there's people whose writing on there writing for him, writing against him, I don't want to be impartial, I figure let everybody speak their mind on here, you know, that's what the blog was for.

GRETA: How about, just so I have an idea on your, how many hits do you get on our blog in a 24 hour period?

MIMS: As of this morning we had 16,000 hits for yesterday.

GRETA: And what's your time clock, what time to what time?

MIMS: I don't know, the administrator knows all that and I just call, I call him in the morning and usually I call him about 10am and I just ask him how many hits did we get yesterday and he tells me like this morning I call him at 10am and I said how many hits did we get yesterday and he said you got 16,000. And the police even asked on the phone, he said why did you call him at 10 O'clock this morning, I said I call him every morning and ask how many hits, I mean, he's the administrator, who else would I call?

GRETA: Well this is peculiar.

MIMS: This is very strange, I'm, he's doing nothing but cooperating with them

GRETA: Well how far do you live from the police station? Should they have been to your house already if they were serious about this?

MIMS: You know I live maybe another mile into Bolingbrook from Drew Peterson's house and you know where the station 5 precinct is over there in Lockport.

GRETA: Well, I just think this is peculiar, I mean I'm looking at it, there's about 25 or 30 comments on it or something, a..

MIMS: Right.

GRETA: And this is all, everything you know about this?

MIMS: This is everything, I told them everything on the phone. I have no reason to hide anything.

GRETA: Are you sure it was the police are the ones who called you?

MIMS: Yes I'm positive, he identified himself as Sgt. Steve something with the Illinois State Police, investigation crime unit and he asked me why did you put that blog that blog on your blog and I said I didn't put it on there, I approve it and he said then why did you have Scott put it on there and I said I did not have Scott put it on there. I said we have the IP address and he said well we'll know which computer it come from and I said that's great.

GRETA: Alright here's what I want you to do is that, we're going to end Gretacast right now and I'm going to have, we're going to stand by and should the police arrive call us right away and we'd like to listen to anything that's said and we're curious what you say about it as well, you know, because this is unusual to say the least.

MIMS: Okay so like if they come get me I should have my sister, I'll leave my cell phone with my sister?

GRETA: No, no, no, if you see them coming up the block, give us a call.

MIMS: Okay.

GRETA: Call us even before they hit your door step, okay?

MIMS: Alright will do that.

GRETA: Okay thanks Ric.

MIMS: Okay bye.


Posted on the GretaWire Web Site: "February 1st, 2008 10:10 PM Eastern, UPDATE: RIC MIMS WAITING FOR AN ARREST, PARAMEDIC ON SCENE!! LISTEN HERE! by Greta Van Susteren

EAVESDROP ON RIC MIMS, he just talked to OTR’s Elizabeth! A paramedic on scene and his website administrator called FROM JAIL!!"

Transcript below was done by www.acandyrose.com of the February 1, 2008

Greta Van Susteren of Fox News evesdropping audio with Ric Mims (Runtime 03:00 minutes)


MIMS: I'm a little better now my blood pressure's back down, I had a friend who’s a paramedic come over and check it. I got the flu and I'm very dehydrated right now so the stress is just adding to it.

ELIZABETH: So the paramedic?

MIMS: The paramedic didn't come in an ambulance, he's a friend of mind.

ELIZABETH: Have you talked to the administrator of the site, what's going on with that?

MIMS: He called me at 7:30 and told me that they have arrested him for, they're charging him with hampering a murder investigation.

ELIZABETH: So did he make his one and only phone call to you or does he have more than one phone call?

MIMS: I don't know but he did call me and tell me they're arresting him at that point.

ELIZABETH: Now have you, has the police officer reached out to you again?

MIMS: No, they said they would call me back and they haven't called me back yet. I figured they would just show up.

ELIZABETH: And no one showed up?

MIMS: No because the first time he wanted me to drive to precinct five and meet him there in an hour and I said no problem and after he put the speaker phone on and all of us talked and he said Scott said that I did it and he told Scott that I said he did it and you know the he said she said thing and both of us on the phone said neither one of us said that.

ELIZABETH: He put you on speaker with the administrator?

MIMS: Yes and after we said that he got on the phone and he said listen I'm arresting Scott now and I'll be over to get you in about an hour and that's it and he hung up.

ELIZABETH: So he made the phone call from the administrator's house?

MIMS: Yeah from, No, from his work.

ELIZABETH: So he conferenced you guys?

MIMS: Right.

ELIZABETH: And your attorney's up to date?

MIMS: Yeah, my attorney's up, he said to evoke the attorney privilege, you know and if they arrest me tell them I'm not saying nothing until my attorney gets there.

ELIZABETH: So he's on call tonight too?

MIMS: Right.

ELIZABETH: Well, not much for a Friday night but as long as your home right?

MIMS: Yeah with the flu. You know they're calling it a murder investigation, hampering a murder investigation and as far as I knew, they had me, I thought we were talking about a missing person still.


MIMS: Have they upgraded it without telling anybody?

ELIZABETH: I'm not sure.

MIMS: I mean I will be on the phone with the state's attorney the first thing about all this is ridiculous, I don't need to be treated this way, I've been helping them, I've been nothing but 120 percent cooperative with them on everything they ask me so for them to come out of the blue unless this administrator has something on him, you know what I'm saying, unless he's guilty, I don't see why they would have arrested him other than to take him in and give him a scare, you know, bad cop, good cop thing because in Illinois they can't hold you for 72 hours.

ELIZABETH: Is that what your afraid of they are going to hold you for 72 hours?

MIMS: No, I'm not afraid of it, I'll go do it, that's not a problem, I mean I'm not worried, I've nothing wrong, I have done nothing wrong, I have my computer here, they can check the IP address here, I also have a Comcast modem, I used to work for Comcast, they can go back to the pings from my modem and exactly determine when that e-mail came in and where it came from the Comcast system at Comcast. I worked there for twenty years, I know it so I'm not worried about proving my innocence but I am prepared for a battle with them. This is ridiculous for somebody who has been helping them as much as I have been before the grand jury three times, they ask me to come back on the 4th. I've been nothing but candor with them, I mean straight up, told them no lies, everything that's happened and this is the treatment I get for calling in, you know, all I wanted them to know is somebody put a post on my blog. Now how can I get in trouble for hampering an inv.. my site administrator gets in trouble for it yet Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky can throw pictures and letters to the cops every five minutes, isn't that hampering a murder investigation too? How come they're not getting charged?

ELIZABETH: Well keep us posted, we're here for you.

MIMS: Alright, I appreciate it Elizabeth.

ELIZABETH: Thanks, talk to you soon.



Posted on www.manvsblog.com - My Semi-official stance on the RichardMims.com issue

Author: Scott Sweeney (http://www.manvsblog.com)

Filed under: Blog Marketing, Blog Monetization, Blog Optimization, Weekly Column Date: Feb 2,2008

"Of course, the Gretawire is blowing up because Ric was on the show tonight and had a conversation with Fox News about things that went down today.

Ric doesn’t speak for me. I don’t speak for Ric. I am not a part of any of this. Period.

Welcome to MY blog. This is MY stinking blog. This is MY time now.

I am trying as hard as I can to not be upset about the way I have been treated in general today. But it is very hard given what has happened. I feel let down by police, by my work, by basically everyone. Especially those who don’t know anything about me and have already rushed to judge me hidden behind a first name on a blog.

I design websites. I get paid to do websites. Sometimes, I’ll even do them for free as a family favor. In addition I have a DAY JOB which PAYS MY RENT AND FEEDS MY FAMILY (Which now appears in jeopardy due to today’s events)

I have never had to deal with what I have tonight. I don’t know Drew Peterson. I don’t wanna know Drew Peterson. I don’t even really know Ric. He is a family member of one of my best friends. When someone like that approaches you to do a website, you say sure. I didn’t know anything really about the case except what was on the news. I have known Ric in passing for years and thought it would be a nice website I could add to my SMALL resume in order to attract NEW CLIENTS to help support myself. I knew the site would get hits based on its content and author. I know the case is popular. Isn’t that what shows like Nancy Grace thrive on? Popular news cases? Why am I different because I created a site for someone who had something interesting to say. (whether you agree with him or not)

I posted this on Greta’s blog.

I would like to clarify a few things. One, I was just a webmaster for Ric Mims. I know him through a family friend. He never told me anything except how to design the website. I don’t have any knowledge of anything that he has knowledge of. I just worked and designed this website for him.

I don’t know anything about Drew Peterson except what you all know from the news.

I am transferring the domain to Ric Mims tomorrow because I just created the website for him under my name. Stupid, maybe? But that is just how it played out. He asked me to do a website for him so he could speak his mind. It’s called a BLOG. That’s what it was, a BLOG. I even had a disclaimer to take me out of it completely. In addition the only posts I ever made were the first two indicating that Ric will be along shortly.

The post in-question was not and could not be traced back to me. If it was, do you think I would be speaking to you right now? And secondly, why on earth would I want to jeopardize my job and my well being? I have a family, I have tons of bills, and I have goals I want to accomplish in life. I make very little money from websites. I was at work when all of this went down. And I responded to the detectives throughly.

I was in jail but it had NOTHING to do with this case. They questioned me for a while about the blog and what I do, questioned me pretty intensely about things I had no clue about nor WANT to know about and then I was brought in on an unrelated traffic warrant from missing court a year or so back.

It was an emotional roller coaster today. But I stand by my work. I created a website. That’s what I did. I didn’t talk. I didn’t share opinion.

I share my opinions on my other blogs because they are mine.

God bless


That is my formal statement right now. But inside my soul is on fire. I am so angry at a whole lot of people, I don’t even know where to begin. So I won’t.

Just know one thing. This is my life we’re talking about. This isn’t a dream. This isn’t a news report. This isn’t a whim followed by Illinois State Police. This is MY life, turned upside down because of a blog I didn’t even write on.

My feelings will be known.

PS. Next post will be back on niche. Sorry about the ranting."