02/02/2008 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Rumors: Peterson wants divorce; Wants Playboy Bunny Lawyer”


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Kimberly Guilfoyle "The Line Up" Update:

Showing alleged photo of Stacy.

Rumor: DP wants a divorce.

DP: Never crossed his mind.

Rumor: He wants to hire the Playboy bunny attorney.

DP: I have not contacted Fetman and don't intend to. But what man would not want to have drinks with her?

Fetman: I have never met DP, and would not be interested in representing him.

Rumor: DP to appear on tv show and take a lie detector test.

JB: Neither DP nor I have been approached about him being on the show or taking a lie detector test.

KG: What's wrong with this guy?

Ed from AMW: DP's camp has been floating these rumors for quite some time and it's a huge waste of time and resources.

KG: That's the problem - this is all distracting to LE. He doesn't seem to care whether his wife is found or not. The jury pool is watching and listening to all his antics and they have common sense on their side. Apparently he does not.

Ed: Why doesn't he say anything on behalf of his children. There are little kids involved here. You would think he would have some respect for his current wife and show some concern.

KG: He knows that's not his wife in that photo.

Ed: I've said this again, again, and again --what did wife #4 know about the death of wife #3 and what did she hold over his head that might be connected to why she is likely dead now?

Paul: He is so pathetic. He needs to sit down and shut up right now! Stop talking! He's throwing this crap out there and looking like an idiot and it's not going to help him when the charges come down. I think it's disgusting that he keeps throwing this crap out there.

Courtney: He's an older man who's former LE and has been married four times. These antics over the last several months humanize him. He's not viewed as the cold-blooded killer that everyone's afraid of. It makes him seem approachable. It's not attention about his missing wife, but he's getting attention. You know what they say, "no press is bad press."

Interpol agent: Either this guy is absolutely crazy or he has a case of "copitis" where he's had a badge for so long that he believes he is untouchable and he is too smart for LE to ever charge him. Either he is the craziest fool in the world or he's the guiltiest fool in the world.

KG: Or given the odds, the unluckiest guy in the world! (sarcastically)

Interpol agent: It is so irresponsible of them to come out with these things. The fact that he is not willing to come forward and discuss the issues around his wife's disappearance doesn't lend to his credence.


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