02/05/2008 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Drew Peterson Served with Savio Family Civil Suit”


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Greta Van Sustern "On the Record" Update"

GVS: DP was just served with the Savio family civil suit. Petition to reopen the estate of KS so they can pursue the wrongful death suit.

JB: The problem is that the statute of limitations has run out.

GVS: I would argue for the plaintiffs that your client hid the truth about KS's death and the clock on the statute does not begin to run until the wrongful means is discovered.

JB: The family was aware that there was suspicion months after KS died. DP is spending more and more time with his children - made a trip to Wisconsin last week. He's starting to enjoy his retirement. His wife left so there's on reason DP can't enjoy a social life.

GVS: Do you believe this mother would take off and leave her children.

JB: You and I both know, being in the legal business, that mothers do horrible things, even kill their children. Even SP's mother abandoned her family.

GVS: What do you think about the claim about KS?

JB: She had a heart defect. She had thickening of the mitral valve and she was not a healthy young woman. I expect this case will eventually go away. If he is convicted of murder there is no statute of limitations on the wrongful death, so I believe this is legal malpractice to bring this action now. They should wait to see if DP goes to trial first so they don't lose their cause of action.


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