02/28/2008 (www.foxnews.com) Greta “On The Record” Update

“Recap Peterson on NBC Today, Guests: Ric Mims, Joel Brodsky”


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECAP transcript done by an Internet poster known as “Snicker.” (Note: Double spacing added by www.acandyrose.com)

Greta Van Susteren "On the Record" Update (02/28/2008) RECAP by “Snicker”:


GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: (Giving background and showing DP's Today Show interview with Matt Lauer.) Last night we told you that armed LE went to the Peterson home at 9am yesterday to serve subpoenas on KS's sons calling them to testify before the GJ today. Did they testify today?


Reporter: They did not. We asked the SA why they did not testify and they would not say. We still do not know why. JB said he is not allowed to tell us either. DP is trying to get attorneys for his two young sons. The hearing was rescheduled. It doesn't mean they won't testify. They had their meeting on Thursday, so it probably will happen next Thursday.


GVS: Do we know where DP is right now?

Reporter: At 6:00 pm he and JB were still in New York trying to get a flight back to Chicago. With the weather there have been delays at the airport, so all I know is he and JB were trying to get a flight back home.

GVS: DP told Matt Lauer his "main concern is his children" if that's true then why when they get subpoenaed does he goes out of town?

Reporter: From what I have seen when I've been at his house to interview him, he really tries to be a good dad. He's trying to get them an attorney. He also wanted to go on the Today Show. It was important to him to be on national tv again to get his side across.

GVS: I hound him as well to be on this show, so I can't say anything about him being on national tv. Is he a good dad?

Reporter: When I've gone to BB, he pretty much hangs out with his kids. He spends time with them and feeds them and has even told reporters that it's not a good time right now because the kids and I are eating dinner. He comes across as a normal dad to me. He really doesn't have too much to do except hang with them.

GVS: Have you ever asked him about the timeline for the 24 hours prior to October 28 and the 24 hours after?

Reporter: He's really very vague about that. I have repeatedly asked him about the timeline and I have never gotten a straight answer from him about that.

GVS: With all the suspicion cast on him, that's just very curious. ISP have just announced that they have revoked his FOID card, so he can no longer own guns. (Showing DP's comment on the Today Show about his FOID card being revoked - DP told ML that he no longer has a need for guns. They're his belongings, but he really doesn't need them back.)

GVS: We have DP's former friend Ric Mims with us. When LE seized DP's belongings did they seize all his guns?

RIC MIMS: No they didn't. The night after they did the first search warrant DP pulled a folding gun out of his pocket and said "they didn't get this one." (Greta showed a photo of a folding gun.) There were also his old badges and IDs that he also hid.

GVS: Why do you think he showed this to you?

MIMS: He was just trying to show me that they didn't get those things and he's still in control.


GVS: DP had the right to own guns up until the past day or so. So he was not in violations of anything to have that gun and didn't have anything to be concerned about.

MIMS: Now he does. Now that he doesn't have a permit to carry a gun, it's up to the police to handle that.

GVS: Have you spoken to DP lately?

MIMS: I ran into him in a clothing store, but I didn't speak to him. I was shopping with my daughter and he was in the men's section of a clothing store. When I went to the register, he got in line behind me. We didn't speak. Then the register closed down and I had to move to another one, but we still didn't speak.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: We have JB on the phone.

JOEL BRODSKY: We just pulled in on the plane. DP is going to obtain an attorney for the boys and the hearing will be postponed. When the boy first spoke with a child advocate, DP was promised that the boys would not have to testify before the GJ, so he's very disappointed that they will have to.

GVS: We just had Ric Mims on and he stated that DP showed him a folding gun he had after the rest of his guns were seized. Does he have any guns?

BRODSKY: No, LE took all of his guns.

GVS: I'm sure you are aware that his FOID card has been revoked.


BRODSKY: We don't know why yet. This is just a pretext by LE to further vex DP because this happened within 24 hours of the hearing and it doesn't usually happen that quickly.

GVS: Do you know anything about the folding gun?

BRODSKY: No I don't. Ric Mim's credibility is questionable anyway.

GVS: Do you know where Thomas Morphey is?

BRODSKY: No, Thomas Morphey has not been heard from for months. No one that we know of has heard from RM, even the family doesn't know where he is. We know of no reason he would be in protective custody. If he was in protective custody, we would certainly know about it. Apparently he just slipped off and disappeared.

GVS: What's next for DP?

BRODSKY: DP's concern is for his kids. He's finding an attorney for them so their interests will be protected. If they have to testify, they will. It's just unfortunate that they have to be put through this