02/29/2008 (myfoxchicago.com) - Tera Williams Reporting: (VIDEO)

"Former Savio Inquest Juror Says He Has Regrets"


Former Savio Inquest Juror Says He Has Regrets

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Chicago -- A member of the coroner's jury that investigated Drew Peterson’s third wife's death in 2004 says he has major regrets. Jim Pretto says hindsight is 20-20 in the case of Kathleen Savio. Tera Williams has the story....

Video Transcript done by: www.acandyrose.com

Jim Pretto: In 45 minutes it was over with.

Tera Williams: 45 minutes is all it took for Jim Pretto and five other members of the Coroner Jury to decide Kathleen Savio died accidentally in the bathtub in her Bolingbrook home in 2004.

Jim Pretto: Hindsight is 20-20

Tera Williams: Savio's death has just be re-ruled a homicide, now Pretto said he regrets the original ruling especially every time he sees the face of Kathleen on TV.

Jim Pretto: Everybody on the jury had suspicions, unfortunately we weren’t allowed to make that decision on our feelings.

Tera Williams: They had to make their decision based on the facts but Pretto said all along he has had suspicions about Savio's death was no accident.

Jim Pretto: We just had nothing to go on regards to, I think we all would have liked to rule it a murder, you know, but we just didn't have the evidence presented.

Tera Williams: Pretto said not much evidence was presented in court.

Tera Williams: Did they show you pictures of her body and all that?

Jim Pretto: Yes, yes

Tera Williams: Pretto said the jury knew Savio had bruises on her body and a large gash on the back of her head but they did not know Savio had been documenting for years what she called abuse by Drew Peterson. State police are now investigating those claims. Pretto said he wished he knew then what he knows now.

Jim Pretto: Maybe we could have come back with a different decision and if a more extensive investigation had been done we wouldn't be missing Stacy right now.

Tera Williams: Drew Peterson has repeatedly said he had nothing to do with Kathleen Savio's death or Stacy Peterson's disappearance. A spokesman for the Will County State's Attorney's office said when Jim Glasgow took over the office from former States Attorney Jeff Tomczak there were some issues with documentation of evidence especially in the Savio case.