02/29/2008 (www.foxnews.com) - Greta “On The Record” (VIDEO)

“A Day in the Life of Drew Peterson” (Part 1)



02/29/2008 (VIDEO) “A Day in the life of Drew Peterson” (Part 1)


GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: You know Drew Peterson, his wife number four, Stacy Peterson has been missing since October 28th. His wife number three's bathtub death (Pic of Drew, Kathleen and baby) was no accident, it was just declared a homicide by the Will County States Attorney's Office and tonight, right now you will see Sgt. Peterson as you have never seen him before. Sgt. Drew Peterson has decided to give us, yes us, our OTR producer Steph Watts and Cory Howard (pic of Drew going into grocery store) a very inside look at him, his home, his life, his family and one other point, yes he knew the camera's were on him, watch.

(Drew in grocery store, Huggies in cart)

(Drew in kitchen)

DREW PETERSON: I'll show you the house come on. See the inside of the sinister house of Drew Peterson (chuckles). Here's Lacy and Anthony and they basically .... this is the living room and that's Anthony playing the homonica, (yelling at Anthony) "knock it off," so, he's a ham too.

(Drew in Living Room)

CORY HOWARD: Your place looks really neat, are you the chief, are you the housekeeper or do you have somebody take care of that for you?

DREW PETERSON: I'm the housekeeper. I'm the housekeeper, chief cook and bottle washer so. This is my office.

(Drew in office)

CORY HOWARD: So what's the daily routine for you Drew, tell me now that you retired, how does your day start and finish?

DREW PETERSON: Well I use to, I retired recently from the police department where I ran a shift of sometimes as many as twenty five people and comparatively, a, raising four kids is far more a tougher job

(Pic in grocery store parking lot, Drew pushing cart)

DREW PETERSON: I have a new appreciation for the housewives of America. (chuckles) Anyway here's the kitchen

(Drew walking into the kitchen)

DREW PETERSON: All the decorations in the house were pretty much done by Stacy and she and she was pretty much in charge of, you know, doing all the decorations in the house, she spent a fortunate it but everything you see here I haven't changed a bit. Now we're going to the basement.

(Drew walking down basement stairs)

CORY HOWARD: Do you ever think about moving or do you think you're going to stay?

DREW PETERSON: I think eventually we're going to move. We just got to get things squared away. If you look, this is a typical teenage boys room

(Tommy's bedroom in basement)

DREW PETERSON: And if you look at it, every room in the house Stacy went ahead and had a theme for it like this was or is Tommy's room, he's a 15 year old and the theme is based on music, you know everything on the walls and stuff. The kids are waiting to get their computers back, we just got the State police authority to give us our stuff back, they got 30 days.

(Drew To the Family room)

DREW PETERSON: This is our family room so we got a pool table. If you look at the, this has an airplane theme that Stacy came up with and I'm a pilot for an Ultralight so she came up with a theme down here of airplane and she's got sectional charts on the walls and stuff, this again was all her doing.

(Drew to Lacy's Bedroom)

DREW PETERSON: This is Lacy's room, this is her little princess room. And again there's not too much in the house that I changed. I haven't taken any clothes down, all the clothes are basically still just as if Stacy still here.

(Drew in Anthony’s Bedroom)

DREW PETERSON: Anthony, his room was done in a car theme and a, this is his cars room. (whispers to Anthony) "What, we're talking about your mom."

(Drew in Kris' Bedroom)

DREW PETERSON: This is Kris' room, it was done in planets and lights and if you turn the lights off all the stars light up with fluorescent lights, this is Kristopher's room.


DREW PETERSON: And pretty nice for a teenage boy so... Again his computer's missing and they took the computers from him but why they needed a teenage boys computer I got no idea but they got it so....

CORY HOWARD: But you're getting them back right?

DREW PETERSON: Getting them back….


DREW PETERSON: Then this is the jungle room, the wall paper. I think a true sign of a good marriage if you can wall paper together, your marriage will be successful (chuckling) but this was done up in a jungle theme, if you look at all the vines and, I thought it was a pretty good idea, I came home one day and all that was up there and takes you back, a really unique idea.... so..

(To Drew and Stacy bedroom)

DREW PETERSON: And this is the bedroom and again I really haven't changed a thing in here other than the state police confiscated our bedding. Why they did that I don't know but a , suppose to be, hoping to get our bedding back, only thing it will be ruined by case numbers scratched on it or written on it but, a, that should be coming back too. She did a real nice job for a young girl to do the decorating that she did.