03/01/2008 (www.foxnews.com) - Geraldo At Large - Update

"Interview with Ric Mims" (and Mark Fuhrman)


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECAP transcript done by an Internet poster known as “Snicker.” (Note: Double spacing added by www.acandyrose.com)



Geraldo At Large Update:

Geraldo Rivera: DP claims his biggest regret is letting GR in his home. DP gave Fox a tour of his house and appeared on the Today Show this week. This is the fourth anniversary of the discovery of KS's body. The man she was deathly afraid of. DP has also hired a publicist. DP has reportedly spoken to this PR man often and even appeared on the Today Show this week and announced that his greatest regret was letting me in his home. I would have thought his biggest regret would have been killing his third wife. He was friends with Ric Mims for years. Ric, is it true that you helped DP stalk KS?

Ric Mims: Yes for about two days we followed KS to see if she was sleeping over at her boyfriend's home with the kids. DP told me that if he could prove that KS was sleeping at her new boyfriend's house with the kids, it would help reduce his alimony.


GR: Do you feel like DP used you like a yoyo in that way?

RM; I feel like DP has used me like a yoyo throughout this whole thing. After KS's death DP told me he was relieved he didn't have to go through the whole property settlement.

GR: Did you know Steve Ray?

RM: Yes, I went to school with Steve Ray. DP was one of the first people at the scene when he was found hanged.

GR: Wasn't he first on the scene after Steve committed suicide.

RM: Well, I don't know if it was a suicide. DP told me that one of the cops was swinging the body around.

GR: What do you mean?

RM: He was swinging the body around to see how far he could make the arms go out. DP was dating Monica and would sneak her into the house and sleep with her in the basement of the house with his second wife Vicky upstairs asleep. Steve knew about this and didn't like it and told DP about it.

GVS: Do you know anything about being forced off the road?

RM: Yes, I had heard that.

GR: Now DP owned a bar called the Suds Pub and I understand that DP's partner in that bar also had a suspicious death?

RM: Anna, KS's sister, was telling me that DP's partner in the Suds Pub died shortly after DP took an insurance policy out on him.

GR: We have Mark Fuhrman with us tonight. Mark, do you think having DP's belongings returned to him indicates that the ISP do not have a strong case?

MF: No, I don't think so. With the computers, they'll just take a copy of the hard drive and with the phones they will just get copies of the phone records. They have the evidence they gathered and I don't think that indicates they do not have a case against DP. With the guns, it's a good thing that they were not returned to him because if SP's body is found and it has a gunshot wound they may be able to match the wound to one of his guns.

GR: Did LE seize all of the guns DP had, Ric?

RM: No, he showed me a folding gun that fits into a black holster case that they didn't find that he still had.

GR: Mark, do you anticipate LE are investigating other crimes DP may have been involved in?

MF: I think it is professional and makes absolute sense for LE to investigate all crimes DP may have been involved in. They probably involve insurance fraud, some thefts, some kinds of business thefts. You have to remember DP is very, very calculated. At a certain point when they didn't pull the trigger and arrest him, he got more and more calculated. He gets more and more comfortable and tries to put it in everyone's face. The word is some people are asking ISP when they are going to pull the trigger because they have enough.

GR: So they have enough. Thank you Mark. Thank you Ric.


Snicker’s Corrections to earlier transcription of Geraldo at Large:

GR: I would have thought his biggest regret was killing wife #4 so soon after killing wife #3 - too obvious.

KS's nephew Charlie Doman was run off the road and the first responding officer was DP.

LE sources tell us that they are investigating other crimes including those we have just alluded to. They are probably investigating insurance fraud, some thefts, some business frauds. When they didn't pull the trigger and arrest him in the first thirty days, he became more calculating.

MF: I have heard from some agencies surrounding BB ask why ISP hasn't pulled the trigger because they have enough.