03/03/2008 (www.foxnews.com) - Greta “On The Record” (VIDEO)

“A Day in the Life of Drew Peterson” (Part 2)



03/03/2008 A Day in the life of Drew Peterson (Part 2)

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(Drew in Kitchen)

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: What are you making Drew?

DREW PETERSON: Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

GRETA: Is that the standard in the household?

DREW PETERSON: Yeah, I try and come up with something new for them every day and a one day we'll do this and one day we'll do that, same thing with breakfast, they like their cold cereal and stuff.

GRETA: Do you have days when you’re a little stressful and you can call some family members to help out or people come over and help you out because it does get hard, right with four...?

DREW PETERSON: No I pretty much handle it myself and I get a lot of help from my two boys, you know Tommy and Kris. Since all this started I had a meeting with them all and I said you know if we're going to do this I said you know I'm going to need some help from you guys and they okayed that fine. Originally when all this came and I had the media mirage in the house we had to a hide out so I took everyone over to my son's house and that was a nice place to be and stuff, a nice place to visit but the kids wanted to come home, they wanted to be around their stuff. Now I'm Mr. Mom. (laughing) So let's make lunch. Paper plates are a big help.

GRETA: Yeah Right.

DREW PETERSON: Basically do our thing.

GRETA: Your boys come home from school around what threeish, three O'clock, what time do they get out these days?

DREW PETERSON: Well Kris normally comes home around three O'clock in the afternoon, Tommy comes home around two thirty, three thirty because he has issues with his band he takes place in and Kris does wrestling after school so he does his press (?) so a, he'll go ahead and do that so, they get home the latest around five O'clock unless there's some other function they got to do. You know everybody, I'm constantly criticized (now showing grocery store shopping), my life (laughing), everything I do, It's just a, it's not as playboy as sinister as people try to come across. I never dated a playboy model, that was a lady lawyer that I was accused of dating her, not that I was above that don't you know but something that basically just didn't happen.

GRETA: If they ask about Stacy what do you tell them now, do you talk about...

DREW PETERSON: The older boys know exactly what's going on. They're pretty tuned into everything and to be honest with you they're pretty, they're teenage boys, they're getting bored with it already. They miss her and stuff (Showing pic of Stacy with Anthony and Lacy as babies), You know I mean (??) with the hype that's going on they're pretty bored, whenever it comes on television and I want to watch it and they're Dad can we watch something...

GRETA: So you think the media has faded away outside and ....

DREW PETERSON: You have to wait until an event takes place like recently the courts ordered all my stuff be returned and when that happened they were all out here and stuff (Taking food into dining room to give to Lacy). (TO LACY) We'll grocery shopping okay?

Child: Dad I want a sippy cup?

DREW PETERSON: Oh by all means we'll get you a sippy cup.

GRETA: You learned all the new lingo, well you've had kids for a while, sippy cups and all those...

DREW PETERSON: I'm back in the mode where I'm starting to hum the cartoons in my sleep so...

GRETA: You know the theme song from Sponge Bob Square Pants....

DREW PETERSON: Sponge Bob Square Pants and Dora the Explorer... The only thing I haven't mastered yet is, I need somebody to come and teach me how to do hair, I'm use to, if you look at Anthony's hair there, he's got a hair cut we gave him, he's trimmed down with a pair of scissors but Lacy Ann, she's a beautiful girl with hair that woman would pay thousands of dollars to get little natural highlights and I need someone to come and teach me how to do hair.

GRETA: Do you have time to go out, time for dating or anything like that, I mean?

(Back in the kitchen)

DREW PETERSON: Like I said I go out maybe once every other two weeks and you know it's just like everybody sees me out with a lady or something, you know these are bodies (buddies?), girls I got out with, ladies, people, they are people I've been friends with thirty years you know and a, and just because they're attractive and you know we're, we're close in our friendship it's like all of a sudden it's sinister and somebody’s got something to say about it so, it's actually very innocent. I wish I had more time for myself but I really really don't so like I say, I'm criticized for giving, going ahead and giving myself three hours every two weeks, you know three or four hours a day two weeks and I leave my children alone, I look inside, I look around the clubs whatever I go to and there's a whole bunch of people in there and they all have kids too so it's like (laughing) whose watching their kids and why aren’t they being criticized.

GRETA: As much as you get, get negative backlash and hate male, you must get a lot of positive feedback and positive letters and reaching of from strangers as well don't you?

DREW PETERSON: I get positive letters and people give me words of encouragement and hang in there and they believe in me, you know, I get romantic letters from people sending, girls hanging around wanting to date me, a, and that type of thing. I never really follow up on those but you know if I did I would be criticized for that too so (laughing). I just think it's funny, you know I thank people who are sending me the positive encouragement things you know. It does help because one minute your getting a letter in the mail, I hate this guy, I hate you and you're going to burn in hell and so on and so forth and a, people are getting really bold with starting to put return addresses on all these things.

GRETA: Does that stuff effect you?

DREW PETERSON: Ahh, the first couple did but then it actually became comical, you know there's actually people with e-mail out there you know "Hang Drew 2008" and they send me a nasty e-mail and it's stuff like that, I find it kind of comical.