03/06/2008 (www.myfoxchicago.com) - Craig Wall Reporting: (VIDEO)

"Attorney Says Stacy Peterson Asked for Divorce"


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Attorney Says Stacy Peterson Asked for Divorce Before Disappearing


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Chicago -- Just days before she vanished without a trace, Stacy Peterson contacted an attorney about getting a divorce from Drew Peterson. That lawyer was the same one who represented Peterson’s previous wife, Kathleen Savio, in her divorce. Craig Wall reports on what that attorney is revealing

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CRAIG WALL (Fox News): Attorney Harry Smith is speaking publicly for the very first time. He says he wants to set the record straight about his involvement with Stacy Peterson as she contemplated divorce. This is the first confirmation that Stacy was ready to end her marriage to the man who is now suspected in her disappearance.

HARRY SMITH: She contacted my office shortly before she disappeared

WALL: Attorney Harry Smith says Stacy Peterson contacted not once but twice in the four days before her October 24th disappearance

HARRY SMITH: She wanted information about a divorce and it's potential ramifications for her and the future and the kids and everything.

WALL: Ironic because Smith handled Kathleen Savio's divorce from Drew Peterson several years before. Her death before the divorced was finalized has now been ruled a homicide. Stacy told her sister a month earlier that she wanted a divorce but this revelation is the first indication that Stacy was taking steps to make it a reality.

HARRY SMITH: I don't remember her being overly emotional or anxious or any of those things.

WALL: Contacted by phone Drew Peterson told me he was boggled by the news and had no idea Stacy had contacted an attorney or was serious about a divorce, he said quoting now, "If she was tired, hungry or menstruating she would sometimes say something about a divorce... but two days later she loved me again."

WALL: Harry Smith said he found out Stacy Peterson was missing the day after she disappeared

HARRY SMITH: I was in court and my secretary Dawn called and said were you were aware that Stacy Peterson was missing and you know, obviously it was an odd feeling to say the least and a little ominous in my mind just because of the circumstances and what had happened to Kathleen.

WALL: Harry Smith said he never signed a contract to represent Stacy Peterson but he still believes their may be issues on attorney client privilege that prevent him from disclosing any details.