03/07/2008 Greta “OTR” Update “News in the Stacy Peterson Case”

"News on Attorny Harry Smith on Stacy Peterson & Kathleen Savio"



GVS "On the Record" Update:

There is news in the SP case. SP is still missing and DP is still the suspect. Someone is coming forward telling something he knows about SP.


GVS: (giving background) Now someone is coming forward - it's attorney Harry Smith.

HS: I was the divorce attorney for Kathleen Savio along with my partner Brian Grady in the divorce from DP. SP was a part of all this throughout. There were charges against my client filed by SP and vice versa and there were charges against my client by DP. SP contacted my office shortly before she disappeared. She wanted information about a divorce and the ramifications of a divorce for her and her children. She contacted me on Wednesday before she disappeared. She wanted information about getting a divorce. She did call again on Friday. She disappeared on Sunday. I was in court when I got a call from my secretary asking me if I knew SP was missing. I told her I didn't and asked if there was a contact number and she said we should call ISP. It was an odd feeling and an ominous feeling given what had happened before with Kathleen Savio.

GVS: I think this is the best news DP has heard in a long time. It plays into his strategy. She calls the attorney about a divorce and doesn't like what she hears, so she then decides to leave with another guy.

BG: But that can play both ways. She called about a divorce and DP knew about it and killed her.

TW: Remember what HS said. She was concerned about her children. I don't think this feeds into DP's defense.

GVS: I have said over and over again that I am suspicious of DP. This plays well for the defense. I can hear it playing out right in front of me. They are going to use this to spin a tale about this is why she left.

MC: If anyone is on his side, they can say that . . .

GVS: I'm not on his side.

MC: I didn't say you were on his side, I know you're not. You can spin this any way you want, it depends where you want to go with this. Harry kept this quiet for quite a long time.

JH: This woman wanted out why? Where is she hiding out now? He killed her because she wanted out. What about the timeline?

GVS: Timeline? You have this story of Morphey and where is he? Where are SP and this guy? AS ML said where is the missing guy?

TW: This guy is a pilot. That concerns me. Where was he for three days?

BG: Come on. None of us would bring our client on tv and lay out where they were and give their timeline on television. He's not going to violate attorney/client privilege.

GVS: Most attorneys would not get on tv in the first place. And it's not attorney/client privilege. He can say what he knows about the statement.

TW: JB's not going to take the chance of making an inconsistent statement.

MC: The devil is in the details here. KS said she would die at his hands and she did. SP was fearful and then she disappears. It will be a circumstantial case.

GVS: Well, all he has to do is come on and say where his client was on the day his wife disappeared and the media would go away.