03/17/2008 (www.wgntv.trib.com) Exclusive Interview w/Peterson

Drew Peterson Says Neighbor Bychowski Is Harrassing Him


03/17/2008 (wgntv.trb.com) Exclusive Interview with Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson claims that neighbor Sharon Bychowski is harassing him

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Exclusive interview with Drew Peterson

WGNTV: Drew Peterson says he and his family are being harassed and it could lead to legal action on his part, meanwhile Peterson was in court today on another matter. The judge is allowing the return of items taken from his Bolingbrook home.

WGNTV: Drew Peterson walked into court today and got what he's been demanding for months, his computers and two cars which had been taken away will be given back. Authorities had been holding onto those items as part of the investigation into the disappearance of his wife Stacy.

DREW PETERSON: Yeah I'm glad to have my cars back, I'm just a little concerned what kind of shape they'll be in.

WGNTV: He considers the return of his belongings a small victory of what has become a nightmare of a battle. His wife's disappearance has lead to death threats against him but what's worse he says is what he and his children have to put up with when they look out their back window. He took us inside his home today as he and his family got ready for dinner to show us what they see.

DREW PETERSON: This can only be designed for to send me some sort of a message, it's not for the rest of the world, I don't think it's a designed to help find Stacy, I think it's designed just to harass me.

WGNTV: Flyers posted by his next door neighbor on her windows, even on her grill is too much he says and it needs to stop. The flyers face his house and he says only he and his family can see them.

SHARON BYCHOWSKI: They're intended for everyone of the walkers who read my meter, they're intended for anybody who’s in my back yard. I have one in the backside that faces the next street over. I have one in the front that faces the front. I have them all over my house.

WGNTV: But Peterson says the harassment has escalated to such a level that his neighbor has even asked people to boycott a neighborhood bar he visits. That's something she denies and said it's ridiculous to think his children are feeling harassed by the flyers.

SHARON BYCHOWSKI: They're not sad by it. I think they are comforted by Stacy Peterson's sign.

WGNTV: A lot of people in one way or another blame you for what is happening and they might say it's a small price to pay when you compare to what has happened to his wife. How do you respond to that?

DREW PETERSON: Well if you believed that, fine, then I'm okay with that but don't involve my children in this.

WGNTV: His attorney is now even considering researching legal action. Peterson doesn't want the problem to get worse for him or the people around him.

WGNTV: I know you talked about dating, are they harassing perhaps people who you might go out on a date with or...

DREW PETERSON: I think they would if they were allowed if they got access but whenever I got out anywhere I don't broadcast where I'm going to.

WGNTV: And Peterson did not get back the eleven guns which had been taken from his house. His attorney is asking the judge to allow the guns to be handed over to Peterson's adult son who is a suburban police officer. The judge plans to make a decision on that matter later this month. Peterson could pick up his computers and cars......